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At 2pm this afternoon 6 members of the ACS family attempted the 3rd of our Guinness World Record challenges. In line with the festive season, we decided to take on the Mince Pie Challenge. 

The contestants had to eat 3 Mince pies as fast as they could. The current World Record for this challenge is a stupidly fast, 46.46 seconds! Proof here.

Have a look at the video below to see how the challenge unfolded...



As you can see the fastest time was from our Marketing Manager, Mr. Paul Gordon. Paul ate the mince pies in a brilliant 1 minute and 55 seconds coming in 5 seconds quicker than the London office champion, Max Cotton who completed the challenge yesterday in exactly 2 minutes. 


Advice for those who are thinking of attempting this challenge:

Rule 1 - DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT shove the whole mince pie in one go. #Fatal

Rule 2 - Don't try and talk whilst eating...crumbs everywhere. 

Rule 3 - Don't eat a heavy meal before you attempt the challenge. Mince pies are dense people! 


We will be back in the New Year with more #ACSBreakingRecords although I might have to change the to #ACSNOTBreakingRecords!

The next challenge is yet to be decided so if there is anything that you would like to see the ACS team take on, please leave your suggestions in the comments section at the bottom of this post or you can tweet your suggestions to @acs365.

Merry Christmas everyone! 

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