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As technology continuously shapes the workplace businesses are looking to create comfortable, flexible working environments that encourage mobility. With the introduction of the “Third Space” offices are being designed with informal work areas that help businesses move beyond traditional desk and meeting room scenarios.

“The idea that the desk is a unit of productivity is changing very, very rapidly. It is about getting the balance of specs right so it is not just get everyone in an open plan but have the right balance of spaces where you can get in a zone of concentration.” - Phillip Tidd, Gensler 

These environments are introduced to encourage people to meet, talk, work, focus and relax in a more collaborative culture. Some types of work can be achieved more efficiently away from the desk. The third space brings people together to discuss ideas and drive your business forward.

The introduction of workplace flexibility leads to improved work focus. We have all been chained to a desk where it is easy to be interrupted. Third space areas can double up as environments to get away, work on your own & focus on the task in hand. However, moving away from static meeting rooms and towards a flexible haven where you can touch down and have quick meetings wouldn’t be possible without secure connectivity. The key to achieving successful collaboration in the workplace is a robust network and a strong sense of culture. Before plans go ahead you must check your infrastructure can cope with the demand and that your team is ready for change.

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