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Do you have an inner litterbug? Are you guilty of dropping litter when you think it doesn't matter?

Well, Danny Lucas, a businessman from Tonbridge has developed an app called LitterGram which is simple to use, has a familiar concept and could really catch on in driving a cleaner Britain. 

LitterGram allows users to take a picture of litter that they see, post a comment with it and geo-tag its location using a map. Every post that is shared automatically sends a notification to the relevant council. According to Danny, it is all about naming, shaming and sharing (images of different views within the app below).


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When asked about the project, Danny said, "It makes my blood boil when I see our great and beautiful country used as one huge litter bin. We live in a culture where we don't accept the responsibility of cleanly disposing of our litter. I felt that someone needed to step in, make some noise and move the 'Keep Britain Tidy' campaign into the 21st century."

Rob Janoff, the designer of the Apple logo was asked to design the Littergram icon, which has an appropriately clean look. The app is now live and can be downloaded from both the iOS and Android app stores. 

I have had a good nosey at everything surrounding LitterGram this morning and to my surprise, for the information that I wanted, I didn't have to look very far.

You can download a complete brand pack from the LitterGram website, which to me is absolutely brilliant. We are talking about an app here that has been designed to do something genuinely good. It should be promoted and as and outside party who would like to advocate what the app is doing, I can get all of the information that I need from a brand pack at the click of a button. Genius! 

For those of you who aren't familiar with the litter problem in the UK, here are 3 UK litter facts that caught my eye in a Littergram press release. 

UK Litter Facts:

  • Local authorities spend nearly £1bn per year picking up litter - that is enough money to run 4,400 libraries, employ 36,633 social care workers, 33,200 nurses or 29,600 paramedics.
  • Over 70,000 animals are killed or injured by litter per year in Britain. 
  • Nearly half the population (48%) admit to dropping litter. 


So, if like all of us at ACS, you share Danny's vision of making the UK a cleaner place then go to your app store and play your part. Go forth and catch the Litterbugs people! I know I will be.

Well done Danny Lucas. Brilliant idea and very well executed.  



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