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TalkTalk, a huge player in the mobile phone market, announced last Thursday that they have been subject to a cyber-attack. The company has since confirmed that the personal and banking details of customers may have been accessed by hackers. 

Understandably this has not left TalkTalk customers feeling to assured of their provider. Some are saying that the way the tech giant is dealing with the situation strikes them as panicked, with a lack of direct contact to customers with reassurance or explanations. 

If you are a business owner, a high-profile cyber crime story such as this should really grab your attention. 

You only have to look at the damage this attack has caused for TalkTalk to understand how important it is to make sure your infrastructure is properly protected from these situations. According to journalists the company is facing £75million in lost revenue as the backlash from the cyber attack grows. 


So how prepared is your business for a cyber attack? 

We live in the information age, which unfortunately comes with the increased risk of cyber crime. People work in an increasingly mobile environment and like to have access to information at all times. We can't avoid the fact that if not protected properly, this modern way of working increases the risk of data loss, whether accidental or with criminal intent.

With this in mind, information security is a key priority for businesses more so now than ever. 


What are the consequences of a cyber attack on your business?

  • Customer information will be subject to risk 
  • Your customers lose trust in you as a provider/supplier
  • Your reputation is tarnished
  • Business operation is stopped with huge cost implications
  • You could be put out of business
  • Loss of company assets
  • Litigation 


At ACS, we understand the importance of being prepared against cyber crime, and with high-quality solutions, we can help your organisation thrive knowing that your data and assets are safe. 

We work very closely with industry specialists to provide penetration testing on both internal and external infrastructures so that we can see how secure your business is before we suggest solutions that will help. 


Once we have tested your environment we can provide a variety of security solutions for you:

  • Password management
  • Firewall implementation
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam solutions for end-points
  • Web content management 


Experts are now saying that failure to implement data security protection for your business is the equivalent to leaving the front door open with a pile of cash in plain sight.

Don't be the next TalkTalk, make sure your infrastructure is safe. 

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