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Skype for Business has been introduced to the market as the enterprise version of our beloved Skype. You can now use the platform within your business with the peace of mind that it is secure, compliant, and controllable.  

Business Anywhere

Skype for Business is a complete business communication tool that is available anywhere there is an internet connection. With easy-to-use video conferencing and instant messaging, remote workers and teams in different offices can easily collaborate from different locations. Minimising the need to travel, saving time and money, colleagues can easily share content in any meeting or conversation.  

Integrated with Office 365 

Skype for Business and Office 365 seamlessly interlink so you can easily work together from your Office apps. Co‐create and collaborate in the apps you use every day like Excel, Word, and Outlook. Notes and other meeting materials can be saved in OneNote and SharePoint. Also, if you mark up a presentation in your Skype for a Business meeting, you can save those annotations and then share them with everyone in your meeting.  

Connect with customers 

You can save time and cut costs. Host online meetings with up to 250 people — even if your customers are not using Skype for Business; all they need is a phone or internet connection. Video calling is becoming vital to business success, empowering you to have more “face-to-face" communication with clients and colleagues, which keeps you well-connected and professional wherever you are. Communication is fast and decisions can be made quickly, giving the best possible experience for everybody.    

To find out more about Skype for Business and how it can help increase productivity within your business give ACS a call on 0844 481 5786 or click here for more information. 


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