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The way people communicate today there is a nickname for every generation and every work style, it's #this and #that, with most people not really understanding what a # is.

The Millennials were the first generation to be completely exposed to technology in the way that we use it today...But who are they??

To put it simply Millenials are the people who came of age after the new millennium (hence the creativity of the name!). Now aged between 18 and 32 they represent about 25% of the UK's population.

Millennials are remarkably at ease with technology, they are the true tech natives! Across the world more than three-quarters of this generation have smartphones and 25% as standard, have three or more mobile devices with them at any given time. The Internet is their primary resource for everything; work, news, banking, entertainment, you name it.

Half of the millennial generation don't associate themselves with any particular political party. They are a mainly liberal and tolerant demographic, that are very career driven and not only motivated by money but by opportunities and future development as professionals. So as employers you have to help them achieve their goals or they will find somebody who will.

For businesses that do engage with millennials, there are some things to watch out for. It is important not to underestimate what their addiction to technology means for your business.

Millenials see Wi-Fi as a necessity alongside water, food and shelter, and by Wi-Fi they're not referring to crawling service and buffering, they want an instant connection or they get bored. Boredom, unfortunately, results in you losing them.

The web is the expressive outlet for this generation so to add to situations where they may feel dissatisfied, they will probably tweet about it... 



Being a generally optimistic bunch they certainly know what they want. "In 27 markets surveyed for Telefonica, an average of 83% agreed they were optimistic about their future, and 75% said they knew exactly where they want to be in 10 years' time."

Millennials have high expectations about what they should achieve in life and they are sticklers for quality as students, employees and customers. However, if you can win them over and integrate them into your environment you will have the key ingredients for developing a vocal, entrepreneurial and connected workforce.

Just make sure you check your Wi-Fi first! (sorry, terrible joke, I couldn't resist).

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