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Well, I am back from V Festival in one very happy piece. What a weekend! The music was top notch, I have witnessed a guy drum with his ears, and I got to wear my pineapple skirt in public - life is good.




A weekend of quality music was made even better with beautiful weather, some of the best fashion faux pas I have EVER seen, and an endless supply of Pimms. Sounds pretty perfect doesn't it.

Personal highlights for me were Gregory Porter, Jessie Ware and the big man himself, Mr. Calvin Harris. Oh and the oversized deckchair of course!  




I have decided that it's pretty hard to beat the feeling you get when you are in a crowd of thousands of people, all singing the same words and enjoying the moment. If only there was some way we could bottle the atmosphere of a British festival?...(leave that with me, I am on it!)

On a slightly more serious note, I would like to say a huge thank you to the guys from Ingram Micro for being such good hosts, you did good. The walkers crisps were a great shout - life saving at times I think!  




We started the weekend as 10 strangers, and I think I speak on behalf of the group in saying we left as pals. So here's to the British summer, good music and being able to wear a pineapple skirt in public! - What more cold a girl want?


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