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Hi everyone, welcome back to episode two of Office Move HQ! 

In the first blog of the series, we looked at deciding on your Office Move team, choosing your location, and how to plan your budget. Today we look at how to find the perfect space and create a design concept that is right for your business culture.

New space, same brand

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Whether moving to a new location, expanding your existing space, or simply refurbishing, your brand culture should be at the core of the project. Let's put it this way, has your office been the same for 20 years? Does it resemble any other companies within your industry? If so, you probably aren't representing your brand accurately within its own space. 

As we know, location is VERY important but is also important to pay close attention to the space itself. So here are some general things that everybody should consider when 'office hunting.'

  • Have a clear 'office vision' in mind - how do you want employees and clients to use the space? Does it have the potential to reflect your company values?
  • Pay close attention to the shape of the office - can it be used creatively to reflect your brand? Will it inspire staff and clients? Is there enough room? Do you know the Square footage that you need? 
  • Don't forget the practicalities! - what is accessibility like? Can fixtures, fittings and furniture be tailored to the space easily? 
  • Light and space - in the business world we spend most of our waking hours inside. Make sure there is a balance of natural light and space to work with. 
  • Does it feel right? This might sound silly but it's just like buying a house. Sometimes you just know.  

Getting the design right 

A well-executed office design can invigorate a workforce and plays a huge role in the perception of your business to both internal and external parties. Here is some advice on where to start when creating the design vision for your new office space. 

1. Space Planning

Tailor your vision to the practical needs of your workforce. Practicality comes before aesthetics so make sure you plan your layout and assess your cabling needs before you deep dive into fixtures, fittings, furniture, and branding. Your new space should enhance workflows so be organised with your approach. 

2. Breakout spaces  

Create break-out spaces for employees to use for collaborative work, impromptu meetings, moments of solace, or just a break from their more permanent workspace. Open spaces help break down communication barriers and encourage innovation and spontaneity within the office. Obviously, the type of business you run depends on how flexible you can be with these spaces. 


3. Quality Furniture 

Don't skimp on this element of the project, it will save you money long term. You know what they say, if you buy cheap, you buy twice! Quality furniture will keep your employees comfortable and enhance their well-being, as well as reflecting your brand to clients and guests that visit your workplace. Ergonomic chairs and desk systems that hide cable spaghetti are the way forward! 

5. Branding 

Branding shouldn't stop with business cards, your website, and stationary. Your office space should be infused with your brand. Add your brand colours into the design, use glass manifestations to reflect your values, or simply feature your logo throughout the building in different ways. Make sure the fixtures, furniture, and even the lighting reflect your brand.

autotask branding

6. Efficiency 

Flexibility in the workplace is increasing, which comes with the challenge of catering for hot desking, employees working on the move, and cravings for flexible spaces. As technology allows for these work styles to develop it is important to ensure your office has a balance of varied spaces and furniture that caters to the needs of your workforce. 

7. Adapt to Technology 

Make sure you embrace how modern office furniture integrates with technology, it will help maximise the productivity of your workforce. Wireless charging points on desks, audio visual equipment integrated into collaborative furniture, and wireless connectivity are just some of the things to consider.  


Now there is a lot of information in this blog but if you take anything away with you, let it be this... 

Number 1 - HAVE A VISION that is going to truly represent your brand 

Number 2 - when creating your vision have two groups of people in mind...your clients & your employees. 

Remember, when clients walk into your office they should feel like they are getting to know you better and when your employees walk in they should feel inspired, comfortable, and ready to work! 

If your business needs help with any of the above, call our workplace team on 01604 704 014 or talk to one of our specialists here.

Photos used throughout this blog are from a project that ACS completed with Autotask. For more details check out the case study here.

In the next episode of Office Move HQ we will be looking at how to select a workplace partner, planning your move, and aftercare.  
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