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The natural ability that students have when using technology continues to have an impact on both their academic performance and engagement levels.

A pedagogical model called Flipped Learning is helping both teachers and students embrace the new ways of working that technology is creating, and some would say it is improving how we learn. 

So first of all, what is Flipped Learning? 

Well, in basic form, Flipped Learning is giving students the ability to access learning content from anywhere, encouraging them to study in their personal space as well as in the classroom. 

By embracing independent study, educators are able to turn the classroom into a more dynamic and interactive learning environment, which focusses on applying concepts, engaging creativity and developing subject related skills. 

Last Friday, @acs365 hosted our first education #CloudAcademy as part of a series that we have been running for almost 6 months now. We hosted the event at @DenbighSchoolMK and were very fortunate to hear assistant headteacher, Simon Goodall, discuss the successes that he has seen with flipped Learning in the school's 6th form group. 

5 of the 6th form students within the school have been provided with a Surface 3 and Office 365 to work with and the main tool that is being utilised is good old OneNote! With all of their content available online, the students have been able to study from anywhere. They can access coursework via OneNote, submit work for instant marking, and some have even started creating their own podcasts using their devices. 

The project has been in place since January, here are the results so far...


Grades in January

Grades now

Student A E/U's D's
Student B U's C/D's
Student C C/D's B's
Students D & E A's A's


So how does flipped learning look in practice?  


Learning involves lots of information but OneNote helps teachers and students capture it all on any device. Here are just a few things that Teachers can do with OneNote to help their students:

  • Organise lesson plans
  • Put course content into searchable digital notebooks
  • Create personal workspaces for every student
  • Add a content library for handouts
  • Build a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities

All of the above can be viewed from any device, online and offline. With real-time class collaboration, adding new features into lesson plans easily, and both students and teachers having access from anywhere this tool is truly revolutionising the classroom.  

Office Mix 

Office Mix is a free add-in for PowerPoint that allows you to create and share engaging content with audio, video, inking, screen recording quizzes and more. 

Office Mix is another way for educators to share engaging content that is relevant to their class topics. By adding interactive elements such as quizzes they can get direct feedback on student engagement/performance and have time to alter class activities based on what they see. 

Check out this 4-minute video demo here.  


Labelled as 'Facebook by Microsoft', Yammer is slightly misunderstood. Yes, it is designed similarly to a social network but its uses in Education are profound. This platform is a great tool for keeping both students and teachers well connected and engaged. Here are just some of the ways it can be used:

  • Set up project groups for students when collaborating
  • Create teacher groups to help with senior leadership decisions
  • Connect with other school, colleges and universities
  • Hold debates
  • Create information hubs
  • Online student-staff revision sessions

The possibilities are endless, and the beauty of a platform like Yammer is that it is designed to make it easy for you to create a number of things that suit your the needs of your school, college or University. 


So if you are trying to improve the engagement of your students and want to increase the collaborative culture within your institute, take a look at the Flipped Learning concept and some of the tools above. 

Equally, if you think you would benefit from some advice on where to start, you can arrange to speak to one of our specialists here.


But until then, happy educating everyone!  

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