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After 21 years of business is it understandable that the structure here at ACS has somewhat changed since day one. From the original line up of 3, we are now nearly 115 strong. 

ACS employees are often referred to as the ACS family, and our head office is affectionately nicknamed ACS House, so you might be able to sense a theme occurring. So in line with the theme, I thought I would give myself the challenge of describing the different departments within ACS as if they were members of a family.

Here goes...

The Directors 

Now I hope they get this and don't take offense, but with 124 years of experience between them I am going to put these gentlemen straight to the top of the family food chain, like the Italian Grandma, or La Nona as they say. They know about everything that happens, they monitor the progress of each department and they play an instrumental role in the development of everybody that works here. Protectors, influencers, disciplinarians when they have to be, and most definitely the leaders of the pack. The only thing that I can't vouch for is their culinary skills, which of course, is an essential part of La Nona's role! 

The Sales teams 

The sales teams here at ACS are full of personality so it is hard to compare them to one family member in particular, but they remind me of families that have a lot of children. They are fiercely competitive but also extremely supportive and comfortable with one another. The role of the sales teams is pretty obvious, they are here to sell our solutions, but when you look at the bigger picture there is more to it than that. They are the main contact for most of our customers, often the first people that new businesses speak to when enquiring into what we do, and they are responsible for informing fellow businesses of everything that we do! 

Shared Services

As an all female team, this wonderful bunch reminds me of an Aunt. They play a huge role in keeping the cogs in motion here at ACS. They manage all purchasing, customer service, human resources, our reception and any additional admin support that is required. They are a force to be reckoned with and can always be found laughing away in the corner of the sales floor as they sit proudly at the helm. 

The Service Department 

This is where all of the fixing happens! The service department is where the self-proclaimed geeks of the business live, and for the purpose of this blog I am going to compare them to the teenager of the family. They do spend most of their time on their computers after all! Our help desk and on-site engineers are responsible for making sure that customers infrastructures are up and running 24/7. If customers or even our internal team have any technical difficulties, the service team is the first port of call for help. Fixing technical challenges, installing new infrastructures and monitoring systems is the central focus of this department. Not forgetting the three formidable women that keep them in check throughout the day! 


Accounts can be a bit of a mystery department for those of us that don't have mathematical brains, but when relating them to a family member they remind me of my Grandad...I know, bare with me. Like most Grandfather's, the accounts team is resilient, focused in their approach and entirely reliable if you ever need anything. They are sharp when it comes to making sure the purse strings are in line, vigilant with credit checks, and very good at making sure we get paid. Another essential member of the business family. 

Distribution & installation

Now this is the team that makes sure our customers receive their hardware on time. Not only do they deliver the kit but when required they also install it. They handle both IT and Furniture requirements for customers and are what I would describe as the invaluable handy man of the family. They are a mobile representation of ACS and although a predominantly male team like the service department, they have a tenacious woman supporting them.


A bit like the younger sibling of the family on the playground saying 'Yeah well, my brother is bigger than yours', we in the marketing team are on a mission to promote ACS as a top brand in the industry. We take great pride in getting the ACS name out there and are constantly exploring new ways to shape the brand. We are known for our mischievous nature and are often referred to as 'Crayon Corner.' Ultimately it is our job to tell the ACS story.


And that my friends is it. I am not sure how well I have done in my challenge, but speaking as an ACS family member I think it is safe to say, that without the combined effort of these departments, it would be very hard, if not impossible to do what we do here every day.

After all, nothing beats a family network. 

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