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Collaboration basically means to work together, and right now, our technology, workplace environments and everything in between are increasingly focussed on helping this type of work culture thrive.

But, if your business doesn't have a particularly collaborative culture you might ask yourself why should it?! Well, here are 5 things that might get you thinking...

1. Self-awareness 

Nothing makes you truly reflect on an idea more than when you have to explain it to a group. Collaboration challenges people to articulate and distill what they are great at and what they need to improve on. This can encourage people to ask for help when necessary and know when to help others.

2. Sharing  

Problem-solving is more effective when you combine resources in talent and experience. Sharing knowledge and resource means you could broaden your reach to new markets. Don't forget, your business is part of a bigger picture, and that is powerful.

3. Creative breakdown 

The skill with collaboration is to convert what comes from working with people who are different from you, into something special. Understanding differences and working together to identify what can be complementary about them is what creates brilliance.


Fleetwood Mac 012


4. Look at the bigger picture 

For certain projects, collaboration doesn't work, no matter how hard you try, how patient you are, and how well you listen. But that doesn't mean you should stop trying. Keep the bigger picture in mind, it isn't always the group of people working on something that isn't right, it can be the something itself.

5. Education, education, education...

Collaboration encourages continued learning. When people collaborate with others they are encouraged to go beyond their comfort zone and grow. In turn, they are helping stretch the boundaries of your company.


If that hasn't got you thinking, the random Fleetwood Mac pictures might have. As a group they have had their fair share of ups and downs and they definitely don't always see eye to eye. But throughout it all, the combination of their individual talents, flair, and experience, has created something brilliant. They are timeless, and let's not forget...VERY profitable.

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