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“Cyber crime is the greatest threat to every company in the world” according to Ginni Rometty, Chairman, CEO and President, IBM Corp, 2015.

Simply look at what happened to Tesco Bank last week, an enterprise with huge IT resources losing £2.5 million. The fact is, large or small, it can happen to any business – even yours.

Organised tech-related crime has been swift in its evolution, with criminal endeavours that arise from the exponential growth of the internet and cloud computing. Here in the UK, statistics hit hard, with 74% of small businesses suffering a breach in 2015*.

Productivity thrives when it’s safe, secure and stress-free, which is what we set out to deliver in our intelligent Microsoft cloud solutions. That’s why we want to help your business on its path to complete protection with FREE Small Business IT Security Consultations that will teach you to defend against the mounting cyber threats.

Cyber crime: It’s looking at you

IT professionals have stopped using the phrase ‘IF’ you get hit by a cyber attack and are now saying ‘WHEN’. Stopping the threat is no longer the focal point, it is ‘HOW’ you respond.

In 60% of circumstances, attackers are able to compromise an organisation within minutes**, and although brief, these infringements can prove fatal. Robust and agile IT security that can analyse attacks is key to minimising the harm caused by unwelcome intruders.

Failure to detect breaches leaves organisations vulnerable to repeated theft and heightened damage during inflicted perods, which makes it paramount that systems can detect intrusions. 

With growth, comes risk

Naturally, as many businesses move to streamlined, cost effective business models with mobile working, the rise in associated network devices requires stronger, more complex security procedures. A not so welcome facet of this connectivity, is the increase in risk facing businesses, from inside and outside of their organisations. 

Fortunately, however, there are routes to success. We provide best in class IT solutions, that help you mitigate risks, thwart threats, and give your employees easy, safe access to the apps they love, wherever they are.

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Remain calm: Our enterprise-grade solutions eliminate threats

Our cloud solutions are transparent and they embody the security, privacy, and compliance required for thorough and complete control of your critical business data. Built on Microsoft's Azure, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Office 365 platforms, we offer exceptional business security so that you can keep a vigilant eye on business threats, whilst focusing on what's really important; productivity.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we understand how vital security and safety are to your business, but also that mobility and productivity are key in driving your profitability. Our Microsoft specialists provide best in class cloud solutions that are tailored to your business and designed to help you succeed.


IT Security Whitepaper & Free Consultation

You can talk to our team of in-house specialists by calling 01604 704 014 to arrange a FREE consultation, for in-depth advice on the potential dangers facing your business, and importantly how you can beat them. Or, read our Cyber Security Whitepaper to learn how agile, secure, and data-driven businesses are harnessing the power of the cloud.


More contact details for our team and the whitepaper are available here. Alternatively, give me a call on 01604 704 014 and I would be happy to answer any initial questions you have on the security of your IT systems. 

* HM Government 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey
** Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report


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