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The route you take to preventing Cyber Crime is ultimately the one you take to beating it. For small and medium sized businesses, many disasters stem from poor IT security and they often lead to closure. But how do you keep up with the pace of felonious online activity to help your business stay productive, mobile and profitable?

Cyber Crime deserves your attention

Stuart Aston, Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft defines things nicely...cyber security

Over 80% of Fortune 500 organisations use the Microsoft Cloud*, and whilst that's a list we can't all be on, we can all certainly be serious about security by embracing the access we have to the same enterprise grade security protection that these companies use.

Where there is cash there are criminals

Illicit cyber activity can appear from a myriad of places, some far more noticeable than others. Take the TalkTalk Hack as an example. The personal data of 160,000 people was exposed. Even the biggest companies don't see it coming. TalkTalk allegedly had alarmingly minimal security measures in place to prevent the attack, which has cost the company £42 million. Fortunately for them, large and well-established organisations often have the resource to survive and sidestep such catastrophes; for a small business, however, the damage is often critical.



61% of businesses feel that security is a leading concern of cloud adoption**, and whether you control Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales, or another part of the business, you have a duty to understand your strengths and weaknesses in order to build your businesses defenses. With an agreed strategy for security in place, and decision makers singing from the same hymn sheet, the cloud is key to protecting your business, your assets, and your growth.

Enterprise technology, made affordable

Like with many things, to mitigate the threat of Cyber Crime, you must understand it. That's where ACS comes in. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our specialists really know their stuff and they understand how to use their knowledge to implement tailored solutions that will help protect your business, help meet your objectives and all within budget.

We will arm you with the best in class Microsoft Enterprise technology without the enterprise price tag. Built on Azure, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Office 365, our cloud solutions will work with your existing platforms to stabilise your security. You can continue to run your business securely, using the applications that your users know and love.

IT Security Whitepaper & Free Consultation

Book a FREE Small Business IT Security Consultation with us today and we will help you mitigate Cyber Crime threats against your business. Our in-house Microsoft cloud security team have what it takes to make sure your business is prepared against threats and risks and will help turn your business into a secure and productive nirvana.

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Alternatively, start with our Cyber Security Demystified Whitepaper. Gain deep insights from some of the finest minds in the world of cyber crime and have your most pressing questions answered.

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* Microsoft: By the numbers, Windows 10
** Cloud Industry Forum 2016: Cloud and the Digital Imperative


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