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Yesterday afternoon, 32 people, a combination of ACS clients and employees gathered on location with nostalgia in their hearts and a true sense of competition in their minds. It can only be the Crystal Maze!  

Yes, we recently decided to take some of our clients to the Crystal Maze experience in London and yesterday was the day! Above everything, I think watching a group of adults revert back to their childhood was about as entertaining as it gets!  


The teams getting to know each other before the big event! 

There was a real mixture of expectations as the varying age groups discussed their memories of the infamous show. Some of us weren't too familiar with the format of the challenge but hope wasn't lost as we were briefed by the hardcore fans on what to expect. 

Unfortunately, no camera's were allowed into the maze but it is safe to say that everybody settled into their roles very well with the help of our trusted maze guides, Borris, Tits, The.Doc and The Baron. The Maze, similarly to the show was split into four areas; Aztec, Industrial, Future, and Medieval. Back in the day, the fourth zone was the Ocean zone but due to modern health and safety this has been replaced by the medieval zone. 

Out of all 32 contestants, only 1 got locked in. ACS' Marketing Manager, Paul, managed to get himself put in 'jail' after getting stuck on his first challenge, the spider web. But, fear not, his teammates on #TheRedTeam did the right thing and retrieved him for the sacrifice of a crystal! That's teamwork for you.  

Across all four teams 42 crystals were collected throughout the maze and all players survived unscathed. 

 Team Colour

Number of crystals collected 

Blue 13
Green 11
Red 9
Orange  8


Once the crystals were collected is was time, as declared by our eccentric leaders to make our way...

 "To the Crystal Dome!" 


The teams grapple for their golden tickets, in an attempt to claim the Crystal Maze crown! 

Now as you can see above, it got a little chaotic in the dome, which is to be expected. Prior to going in we were briefed by our trusty maze leaders about the do's and dont's of the Crystal Dome. Here is what happened... 

We were warned by our leaders, "You can't grab the tickets off the walls, you can't pick them up off the floor, and you can't pull them off your feet. But for the purpose of today, we don't mind, just go for it." And that is all I heard, the inner child within me didn't hear my leader Borris also say that if you did do any of the above you would of course be DISQUALIFIED.

So as me and my colleagues of #TheBlueTeam were first to enter the dome with our captain Shaun, I was ready to go for it! And what did I do? Well, of course, I picked them up off the floor, I took them off the walls, and yes I pulled them off my shoes!... I am so sorry dear Blue Team, I misunderstood.

So after leading the way with the most crystals, #TheBlueTeam were disqualified as a consequence of my silly actions. It was in fact #TheGreenTeam that were victorious in the dome with their fair and dignified approach. Both #TheOrangeTeam and #TheRedTeam also stuck to the plan and collected their golden tickets with the rules in mind. 


The teams pose for a photo after their attempts in the dome...

The afternoon was a huge success. Discussions about the zone challenges and people's childhood memories of the show continued way into the afternoon over some great food and a drink in the sun at The Castle.

Those that viewed the show throughout their childhood said the experience had exceeded their expectations, and the spring chickens of the group said the new experience was brilliant.  


The final team shot of the day

From all of us at ACS we would like to say a huge thank you to all of the clients that attended, we would like to applaud the maze characters for their overwhelming enthusiasm in the maze, and of course a big thanks to ACS' Michael Harley for putting the event on. 

If you are looking for a team building experience to get the hearts and minds of your employees, clients, or even your friends racing then take a look at Crystal Maze. 

But just remember..."Don't pick the tickets off the floor, don't take them off the sides, and don't pull them off your shoes!"

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