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This afternoon the ACS team took on the second of our Guinness World Record attempts - The Cream Cracker Challenge! 

After a slightly hectic start, the challenge got underway. See for yourself in (if I may say so myself) some of the best video footage ever seen! 


It is official! The Queen of Cream Crackers is one of ACS' newest family members, Amey with a 'cracking' time of 1 minute and 28 seconds!! 

For our next challenge, in line with the festive period we will be attempting 'The Mince Pie Challenge.' Who here at ACS can eat 3 Mine Pies in the fastest time? And, can we break the World Record?

"The fastest time to eat three mince pies is 54 seconds and was achieved by Robert Edward Lee (Australia), in Ellenbrook, Australia, on 17 August 2013." Knowing how quickly the birthday buffets get eaten here I think we have got a great chance with this one. 

So, keep your eyes peeled for our festive record attempt. We will be wearing our Christmas jumpers and stuffing our faces! #attractive


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