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Open plan environments are dominating the workplace, but there is still a need to provide private spaces. 

Acoustic pods are designed to provide private and quiet spaces that break up open plan environments. In comparison to built-in, bespoke or partitioned office solutions, they are much faster, cleaner and simpler to commission.

They can be built-up, taken down and relocated to be re-used. The flexibility of this solution provides huge cost saving potential as virtually all other solutions would require part or all of the structure to be scrapped.

Here is a couple of ACS recommended acoustic pods from Orangebox... 


Launched in 2014, Orangebox's award winning Air3 acoustic pod range is one of the most advanced room systems in the market. This design provides free-standing meeting rooms, private space, phone booth and touch down rooms. 

New materials, more finish options and a unique roof solution make this pod system very comprehensive. The design is a combination of high-quality glass and soft acoustic panelling, creating a great level of insulation and speech privacy. Interchangeable panels allow you to swap, change and refresh your colours and fabrics anytime you might need to. The Air3 is a moveable pod solution that can be re-positioned and re-used at any point. 

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The Airea pod system has proved itself as an alternative solution for a variety of private spaces ranging from a phone booth to a video conference room, as well as general meeting rooms. 

Airea has 26 standard configurations which provide everything from a simple phone booth and quiet room, all the way through to a variety of general use office pods and larger meeting room pods. The Airea can be assembled to provide a pod meeting room in just a few hours and is moveable. When your business requirements change, it can be moved. 



If your business has an open plan environment that needs breaking up with quiet and private spaces then acoustic pods are a fantastic solution. Contact one of our specialists here or call us directly on 0844 481 5786 for more information. 

We specialise in space planning and collaborative offices. We can help you find the right solution to help control the noise! 


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