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On Saturday 9th May, Castle Ashby Gardens was home to the annual @CynthiaSHospice #ColourRun and the @acs365 team were there in full force! Last year we were responsible for the water station but this year we were promoted to a paint station! Exciting times... 

So let me just 'paint' the picture for you. It was 8.45am, 400 runners were getting ready to take on the 5KM course and the @acs365 team had just arrived at the green paint station. Our team consisted of 6 adults and 5 kids but to be honest with you, I am not sure who was more excited.

Let me introduce you to the gang...


It goes without saying that throwing paint is a very important, and sometimes strenuous task, so Sarah decided that a proper warm up was required. Think Mr. Motivator but with a Brummy accent!

The warm up quickly escalated as the adults of the group got slightly competitive, resulting in a race between myself and ACS' joint Managing Director, @jont1. Take a look at the video below to see what happened...

I've never lived that down! 

Once we were warm and had finished throwing the paint at each other, the runners were off! Our cups were filled with paint and we were ready to let loose on this year's #ColourRun athletes! I don't think they knew what had hit them once they got to us...If you want paint throwing properly, we are the team you want!

By the time everyone had passed us, we were just as covered in paint as the runners. It was almost impossible to stay paint-free, although Lucy Barker and Lisa Thorpe gave it their best shot! 

Once the runners had gone we realised that we still had quite a lot of paint left. There was only one thing to do... GO ROGUE! We could see the runners on their way back just opposite our paint station, so in true paint-throwing spirit, we followed them! Apologies to the staff at Castle Ashby gardens, we might have ruined the plan to keep the path paint free! 


Not a spec of paint was left in our boxes by the end of the race. We were ruthless in our approach and thorough with the tools that we had.

You name it...cups, caps, and hoods - if it could hold paint, it was used! 

We even managed to get into a paint fight with the Nationwide team when the run had finished. 

So if you are the type of person that would enjoy getting stuck in and covered in paint, I would highly recommend either running the #ColourRun or manning a paint station. The kids were in their element giving no mercy to the runners, and the adults had the perfect excuse to embrace their mischievous side! Everyone wins! 

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(Here are two of our head paint-throwers looking very satisfied with their morning of work) 

From all of us at @acs365 we would like to say a huge well done to the @CynthiaSHospice team for making the event happen, congratulations to all the runners for taking part, and of course a big thank you to the ACS #GreenTeam for all of their fantastic paint throwing! 

See you there next year everyone...We will be back! 

If you took part in the run on Saturday, send us your pictures via twitter @acs365 or to We would love to see how you got on. 


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