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A new wave of apprenticeships is predicted to be the saving grace of the digital skills gap.

Vocational qualifications are being increasingly promoted as an alternative to University, offering a more direct path into industry for younger people.

For businesses living in the tech world, this can't come at a better time as IT apprenticeships could help provide an increase in the skills they have been craving for so long.

The skill sets of IT graduates have been criticised by employers for some time now. Although they are intelligently qualified, there is an inherent need for business-ready employees.

You might ask what I mean by business-ready? Well, businesses need people who can collaborate, are innovative and know how to succeed in a business environment. Apprenticeships give younger people a job, combined with a skills development programme, and they allow employers to directly impact the development of individuals in order to help grow their business.

Karen Price, CEO of tech industry said last year, "Employers are telling us that apprenticeships have a critical role to play in building the sustainable talent pipeline, which is so urgently needed to ensure the UK's global leadership in tech innovation."

Well, in the last two years the number of IT apprenticeships has nearly doubled to 24,000, so it looks like people are sticking to their guns and still see this type of education/employment as a priority for the UK tech industry.

Watch this space people, the apprentices are coming! 


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