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"Flexible working is smart working. Screw business as usual. If you trust your people to make their own decisions, they will reward you." - Richard Branson, 2015  

The expectations of the workplace and how people interact today is miles away from historic practice. As the impact of Generation Z quickly approaches, the workplace is increasingly one of the deal breakers when job hunting, second only to salary.

The landscape of offices today is much more collaborative and creative. Strategic decisions are being made across businesses around how to attract talent, retain it and, of course, help it flourish. The idea that the design of your office space is fundamental to this process should no longer come as a surprise.


So what actions can businesses take next? 


1. Lead by example
The leaders of your business are powerful instruments that can inspire change and encourage desired behavioural changes.

2. Individual and corporate benefit
Don’t just focus on the corporate value, promote the ways in which collaboration can make daily tasks easier and benefit each individual in your team.

3. Strategy before technology
Make sure you understand ‘why’ you are making changes before you start considering ‘how’.

4. Step aside 
Use best practice and guidelines, don’t police everything, it will stifle the attraction of collaboration.

5. Listen to employees
Make them part of the process. Like Richard Branson says, you will be rewarded.

6. Part of daily workflow
Collaboration is not an additional requirement, it should be encouraged as part of the natural workflow.

7. Supportive environment
Actively reward teamwork, not just the individual standouts.

8. Be persistent
Cultural change takes time. Be persistent, DO NOT give up.

9. Adapt and evolve
Keep your finger on the pulse, collaboration is continually evolving so be sure not to fall behind.

10. Benefit the customer
Promote your collaborative environment to clients, credibility comes with modern practice.


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