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Successes will be celebrated, hard work will be rewarded and Northampton dance floors will be can only be the ACS AGM! 

Yes, tonight at The Picturedrome, Northampton, all 100+ members of the ACS family, or employees should I say, will gather to celebrate the successes of the company's last financial year. 

Now AGM's are not normally events that include the entire company, but at ACS, this is how we do it. As far as the ACS social diary goes, this evening is one of the most anticipated nights of the year. It tends to leave people feeling motivated, appreciated and, of course, hungover. 

Throughout the evening, ACS' four directors provide everybody with an overview of last year's highlights, growth, and progress, and we look at the objectives for the year ahead. There are normally a couple of surprise announcements to look forward to as well. Motivational words, endless banter and sincere appreciation for hard work are just some of the things that can be expected from the AGM. 

And this is all before we get to the awards! Yes, that's right, the AGM also includes the presentation of 12 employee awards... 


Newcomer of The Year

Engineer of The Year

Consultant of The Year

Sales Person of The Premiership 

Sales Person of The Championship 

Players Player

Datastore Sales Person of The Year

Blog Writer of The Year (only joking!) ;) 

Support Person of The Year

Most Improved

Field Support Person of The Year

Team of The Year 

And the big one...Employee of The Year!


To win an award is a great achievement and something that makes people feel truly appreciated. But, it doesn't stop there...all of the award winners receive a trophy and certificate as well as being treated to a long weekend away to a surprise location, with a guest of their choice, all expenses paid.

The annual winners trip has created some special memories for ACS employees over the years and it always promises to be a good laugh. Previous locations include Copenhagen, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, and Cologne. Not bad ey!   

So after all of the awards have been presented the drinks start to flow and the celebrations continue. If I were to say that the AGM isn't a Boozy do I would be lying to you.

And on that note, all that is really left to say is...The votes are in, the results have been counted and verified, ladies and's time for the ACS AGM!!! 

We will see you on the other side. :)  

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