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On Saturday, Hanger One at Sywell Aerodrome became home for the evening to over 100 ACS group employees, partners and some of the companies longest serving business partners. All in order to celebrate 20 years of successful business. 

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It is always lovely to see people having a great time celebrating something special together. Smiling faces, dancing feet and a genuine sense of happiness in the room. You can't beat it.

Everyone was dressed to impress, the roses were out for the ladies, and people certainly came prepared to boogie (more on that in a minute). 

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As you would expect there was a lot of reminiscing throughout the night. It is hard to properly convey the humour in some of the stories told in a blog, so to be honest with you I'm not going to try. Plus, I wouldn't want to reveal to the world that John Fulton of @ClaremontCCL wears Celtic Football pyjamas to bed. Oops! Sorry John!

For those of you who are interested in the ACS stories, I do keep trying to convince the directors to write a book but I don't think it is going to happen! I'm not giving up though so don't worry. 

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Amongst the food, fizz and dancing there was a game of heads or tails. The winner, Jim Craig kindly gave his winnings back to ACS to be contributed to donations that were made to three very important ACS families who each have children that suffer with disabilities. A donation was also made to Mary's Meals, a charity that is heavily supported by ACS business partner, Claremont Centre.

You know what they say, behind every great man there is a great woman. After the hilarity of heads and tails the room took a moment to thank some of the key women behind the success of ACS. 

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Left to right: ACS Recruitment Director, Hellie Baxter, and the ACS Group Directors Wives, Nicola Harding, Lisa Thorpe, Faye McAllister, Eileen Harley and Sue Howe. 

Then came the John Harley speech. For those of you who don't know John, he is one of our Joint Managing Directors and is known for his love of storytelling. Well, he certainly didn't let us down. John started by declaring that he now needs his glasses and a prompt sheet, which wasn't the case ten years ago, but what he proceeded to say was full of humour, honesty and passion, as always. 

The main theme in John's speech was that the people who work for, and with ACS, completely encompass the five core values of the business and always have. The ACS team is passionate, loyal, trust-worthy, honest and we work as a team. You only had to be present in the room on Saturday to see that this is a true thing.

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Right, that's enough of the soppy stuff, let's move on to the dance moves!!

I would say there are three types of dancers at occasions like this. You've got the cool side step people, then the I'm in a Motown band and am totally funky type of people, and then there is the I don't care, I'm just going for it people.

There are three pictures from the night below. I will let you decide which one represents which of the above. 

dancing 1

I won't name names but somebody had their dance moves compared to a slug! You know who you are dance floor offender! 

We have to say a huge thank you to Superfly, a 70', 80's & 90's cover band that played throughout the evening. Hit after hit was played keeping the dance floor full all night. Oh, and by the way Superfly, if you ever need an addition to your band, I am in!! Anything that allows me to sing Luther Van Dross and wear Zebra print in public has my full attention! 

Screen Shot 2015 11 11 at 09.24.36


Another huge thank you to the photographers for the evening, Your Favourite Frame. They certainly captured some entertaining moments for us all! 

So, I think it is safe to say that we had a fantastic evening. Above and beyond its success as a business, over the last 20 years ACS has been the creator of some lifelong friendships, families and some very, very funny stories. 

I will leave it there I think with one last thing to say, and I am sure you will all agree...We are blessed.

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