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Hello there, my name is Hannah Bird, I am 15 years old and currently studying for my GCSE's at Shenley Brook End School. I am undertaking my work experience here at ACS for two whole weeks, working with each of the different departments. So far, it has been amazing.

Day 1- The Adventure Begins

My alarm woke me up in the early hours of Tuesday morning. When I say early I mean 6:30am! I don’t normally get out of bed until 7:30am on a school day so having to leave the house for 7:30am was a shock to the system. As I arrived at the office, I met the lovely Claire who gave me a tour of the office building so I wouldn’t get lost. After that, I was introduced to the accounts team and spent the rest of the morning with Martha & Sam who showed me what their job roles consist of. After lunch, I spent some time with the shared services team who showed me what they deal with on a day to day basis. Then I spent the rest of the day on reception with Martha watching what she does answering phone calls etc...however, I was too nervous to answer one! 

Day 2- Wednesday

I spent all day with the accounts team dealing with bank credits, invoices and bank payments. Of course, Martha & Charlie showed me how to do this otherwise I think I would have broken everything, which would have been a disaster! In the afternoon, I did some filing making sure that all the documents were in the right order and then I had to put them into the correct folders.

Day 3- Thursday

This was one of the more exciting days of my work experience so far. I went to London with Keith, A.K.A Dad. We first stopped off at the London office so that I could have a look around, then we went to a meeting that seemed to last forever but there was free food so I wasn't complaining! After the meeting, we headed home after a busy day in the city.

Day 4- Friday

Friday 24th was Red Nose day. We all had to wear something red and there were also cakes and little games you could play to raise money. Apart from that, I spent the morning back with the accounts team finishing the filing from Wednesday. After lunch, I was with Gemma in the warehouse helping her check if there was enough stock or if anything was missing. Then I got to help with preparing deliveries so that they were ready for the next day. It was fun seeing how this happens.  

Day 5- Monday

Trying to get up on Monday morning was a real struggle with the clocks going forward so we left a bit later than normal but we still made it on time! I was with the accounts team again in the morning doing credit receipts and invoices. Then I was downstairs with Sharon who is part of the service team. Sharon had a present for my arrival, as she knew I was coming for work experience, she had kept her filing to one side. 6 WEEKS worth!...Thanks Sharon :) By the end of that, I think I managed to get at least 3 paper cuts! 

Day 6- Tuesday

Yesterday I spent all day with the service team but mostly Sharon. First she explained what the team does and then she showed me what I was going to be doing, which was helping change corrupt data. I worked my way through the data all day going through all the different folders.

Day 7- Wednesday

Today I have been with the Marketing team, Hannah & Paul, writing this blog for you guys. In the morning, I did some research on how to write blogs and I also got to watch Hannah edit the video for the AGM. Hannah explained that this is normally top secret as the winners and content of the evening isn't allowed to be shown to anyone until the night. Then this afternoon I have finished writing this blog, which you are currently reading right now.

Even though I still have a couple more days left of work experience here at ACS, I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has given me a real insight into what kind of job I may want when I am older and it has also allowed me to take on some new challenges.

Thanks for putting up with me everyone. It's been fun!


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