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Take 14 VERY competitive ACS employees, put them in brightly coloured t-shirts and ask them to play walking football, netball, bowls, tag rugby, and a team building task, and I can confirm that you will be entertained! 

Last night was the annual Northamptonshire Business Games at Moulton College, and for the first time, we decided to enter not one, but two ACS teams. Our theory was that the more teams we enter, the more chance we have right?!

How wrong we were... :) 

Now before I go into my rambling commentary of the individual events, I just want to say a big thank you to the team at Northamptonshire Sport who hosted the games, and to all of the volunteer's that put up with us during the activities. The whole evening was brilliantly organised and really good fun. Thank you for having us! 

We arrived at just after 5.30pm, were split into two teams of 7, provided with our t-shirts, and then sent on our way to the first sport! I would like to apologise in advance as the majority of photo's/footage is from the Yellow team. The Blue team were obviously taking it much more seriously as they have no media to show for their efforts. 

So here is what we got up to...

Walking Football 

If there is a sport on this earth that will make you WANT to run, this is it! We got onto the pitch and the referee, who was kitted up to the max by the way, explained that you cannot run during this game, you can walk, or speed walk. Sounds simple enough, but as the ball comes towards you, your brain is screaming for you to put your foot on the gas but you have to stop yourself. I don't think the referee realised how seriously we were taking it as he continued to chuckle his way around the pitch.

Unfortunately I don't have any footage of us playing but here is Craig in his 'naughty' shorts demonstrating how to bring true flair to the game. Is it just me or does this resemble a salsa move?!




Well, it's safe to say for the yellow team that this sport was a bit of a disaster. How can one sport have so many rules?! I knew there was a reason I didn't take to it at school. All of the teams faced 3 x 6-minute matches and I think as it went on things got increasingly chaotic. I felt for the umpire's during this sport as the frustration of some of the more competitive people (uh hum!) started to come out on the pitch. But even in defeat, hands were shaken at the end of play and you could see people giving proud encouragements to their colleagues.  

Tag Rugby 

Out of all of the sports, this was probably the easiest to get to grips with in terms of the rules but it was also the most frantic. Some people didn't quite get the idea that it is a non-contact sport did they Gabija! Let's just say that an opponent was given the shock of her life after what was a heartfelt body to body collision. I can report that the opponent is okay and that no further injuries were endured.

After half an hour of sprinting, swerving, dummying (might not be a word), and "tackling" our opponent's, the ACS crew were in full swing and ready to face what had to be the most strenuous sport thus far...BOWLS! 

IMG 5271


If you have ever observed people playing bowls, you might be a bit like us and think that it looks easy. Well, it's not! After a brief introduction to the design of 'the woods' as they are called, and a few practice runs, it was time to put our skills to the test. I think it is safe to say that most teams struggled to get to grips with this task but we got a few points on the board in the yellow team and the ACS blue team were told that they came 2nd out of all the teams! 

Team Building 

The team building consisted of three activities that tested how quickly you could think as a group. The tasks included transporting a small ball from the top of a hill to a bucket at the bottom with cut up pieces of pipe, then there was a relay where you had to get your whole team through a small hoop as quickly as you could, and an archery relay to end. All I can say is, if only we had footage of the yellow team on the archery! 

So those were what I would call the warm-up events because, without a shadow of a doubt, the headline contest of the evening had to be the naughty shorts competition! And despite his best efforts, credit controller Charlie lost to the evening's only possible winner, which was of course, Craig Lyons! He was so modest about his victory that he couldn't even look at the camera in the first shot... 

naughty shorts

What a great evening we had. Amongst our many losses and a few surprise victories, the ACS team's kept their jovial spirit and continued to pour their blood, sweat, and tears (of laughter) into the evening. 

Thanks again for having us Northamptonshire Sport.

We will be back next year! 

To find out how you can get involved with the Northamptonshire Business Games and Workplace Challenges, click here. 

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