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As active working individuals, we now spend upwards of a third of our lives in the workplace. It’s therefore vital to employers and employees alike that workplaces are as stimulating and efficient as possible.

Providing an office that lends itself to proactivity and organisation not only increases employee satisfaction, but productivity.  What follows are our 7 ideas to improve the wellbeing in your office:

1. Encourage a healthy environment in the office

With so much focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, research has shown mental and physical wellbeing is equally important in the office. Encourage your employees to stay fit and healthy and you’ll notice an increase in concentration during office hours. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will not only improve concentration but has been linked to fewer sick days, higher morale and more positive culture.

Why not try trading fat Friday for healthy food or swapping regular desks for standing desks? At the same time, you should never underestimate the importance of staying hydrated. Allow employees to stretch and exercise on a regular basis. Try standing up and going for a short stroll if you have been sitting in front of a monitor for a long time. Chances are you’ll notice the difference.  

2. Allow more time for mindfulness

Often overlooked but vitally important to the modern workplace is minimising stress and nipping mental health issues in the bud. Why not try to encourage an atmosphere of breaks throughout the day to allow staff to refocus? Just avoiding using digital devices and sitting calmly doing nothing for even a minute every hour has been proven to improve focus significantly.

3. Establish healthy relations with colleagues

Whilst dedication to work is important and should be encouraged, without an atmosphere of rapport and comradery amongst colleagues, the workplace can become monotonous and dull. People feel most valued when they feel able to express ideas and opinions with each other. Whilst not conducive to every workplace, creating a forum where people are free to discuss ideas outside of work can help build the foundations for great team spirit. Everyone has slow days, but sharing those thoughts with colleagues can help rejuvenate and encourage teams in their shared feelings.  

4. Strive to maintain a work-life balance

It’s great to work hard towards achieving your goals, but you should never do so at the expense of your personal life. Also, never get too caught up in your personal life that you aren’t able to function properly at work. Create an atmosphere of dedication to work whilst at work, but where possible, don’t allow staff to take work home with them. You’ll increase productivity, and everyone will appreciate the downtime.

5. Create separate areas for separate activities

We’re all familiar with working environments where staff spend their whole working day at their desk. Whilst on the surface more time at the desk means higher productivity, this isn’t necessarily the case. Design separate spaces for relaxation and breaks to get away from the desk during the working day. If you’re struggling for space or inspiration, take a look here.

6. Maintain a productive posture

Slouching and stooping doesn’t just look bad in the office. The way you carry yourself and maintain your posture affects mood, attitude and willingness to work. Slouching in a chair at work can negatively hit productivity and lower motivation which not only affects the individual but those around them. Whilst forcing good posture might seem like extreme micromanagement, why not encourage good posture and take a look at our office furniture for some ideas to keep staff upright and attentive.

7. Never ignore your problems

There are bound to be times when personal or professional problems creep into work life, and this can affect productivity, mood, and other employees. Never ignore problems. Encourage a dialogue between employees to air their issues, and where possible, take them on board and make changes. As an employee, don’t be afraid to ask for help, it’s within everyone’s best interests to get it sorted. This will not only make the individual feel better, but help deal with problems in the future.

Whilst on the face of it, developing a company with all the above may seem like more effort than it’s worth, but the opposite has been proven to be true. Help make your office as productive and comfortable as possible. Your office environment affects your entire team collectively – do what you can to keep it positive and inspiring.  If you’re looking for ideas, support or tips, get in touch today.

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