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1. Prioritise

Anywhere working isn’t about getting rid of the office, or squeezing more out of employees. It’s about optimising productivity, providing better balance and getting out and meeting people. When integrating a mobile working strategy it is important to focus on delivering flexibility and variety, rather than exchanging the shackles of the office for the isolation of home working. 


2. Email in the cloud

Office365 offers cloud-hosted email, meaning you get a business class, professional email account that you can access no matter where you are or what device you’re on, as long as you have access to the internet. 


3. The right device(s)

The device you use depends on what you do. People often keep their desktop for ergonomic reasons as they’re easier to work on for long periods and it’s good to have a base set up for periods of intense concentration. That said, when you are on the go, you need a device that syncs all your files and apps and lets you do everything you would on your standard PC. 


4. Cloud Storage

Storing your thoughts on the go and sharing documents with colleagues is one of the top priorities for business owners. Useful applications for this include, OneNote (which is free), and OneDrive and SharePoint. Lucky then that an Office365 Business Premium subscription gets you 1TB of OneDrive storage space for each user.  


5. Security first 

Just because your employees are free to roam, it doesn’t mean your data should be too. Take precautions and think about where your data is stored, what protection your employees’ devices have and what encryption policies you have for data both at rest and in transit. Windows 10, for example, lets you sandbox applications, meaning you don’t have to worry about containerising your employees’ devices.


If mobility and anywhere working is something your business wants to improve or introduce, ACS can help you with the strategy, devices and integration of this modern culture.

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