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Well, if I had to describe our 3 peaks weekend using one word it would have to be entertaining. You know it is going to be good when you are pulling up to the hotel car park in Fort William and one of the team says "Cor this is a bit steep isn't it?!"

Between the climbs there was an all you can eat buffet supplied by ‘Martin the feeder’, some hilarious GoPro action from Stephen Harley a.k.a Harry Potter and lots of “How are you feeling?”, “Everyone ok?” …


(it all got a bit much for the boys at times...)

We started the spectacular Ben Nevis at 7.15am on Saturday looking fresh and feeling happy. The weather was awesome and the views were postcard perfect. To our surprise, we had picked the day of the annual Ben Nevis’ Fell Running race. What a sight seeing 500 lunatics ploughing themselves up the 1,344-metre beast. Coming in only ‘slightly quicker’ than us here are the times of the Top 3 competitors from the race…

Screen Shot 2015 09 08 at 09.45.53

By the time we started Scaffel Pike it was 10.15pm on Saturday. Again the weather was perfect; no wind, no rain and a star filled sky. The terrain is pretty relentless but the group got up and down in just under 4 and a half hours and were all in good spirits. I mean, you know you’re in safe hands when one of your guides lights a fag up at the top!


(Happy to reach the top of Scafell Pike)

Then onwards to the beautiful Snowdon (my personal favourite). We started at 8.15am on Sunday morning and finished at just gone 1pm. I think we were all slightly delirious when we started, but happy to be on the last peak. We had what I can only describe as the best hot chocolate ever from the cafe at the top, and then it was straight onto the descent.

The views on Snowdon are stunning and the atmosphere is lovely as everyone around you is coming to the end of their 3 peaks challenge. You get a real feel for the British sense of humour at this point. I love how we Brits support each other in these situations, even if we are complete strangers.


(Spectacular views)

The 12 of us returned to ACS house on Sunday evening feeling very proud of each other, slightly dishevelled and a little bit creaky. On behalf of the team, I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our guides Mark and Dez for all your help, support and patience throughout the weekend!

And for those of you thinking about taking on the 3 peaks – do it! It will test your strength of character, ability to work in a team, and it means you won’t have to do leg day at the gym for at least a week!

And that my friends is it.

This is Hannah Brady officially signing off of #MountainWatch...Until next year!


The team did the challenge to raise money for The Stroke Association. 


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