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Modern Business IT

Why WiFi?

Sep 19, 2016 /
wi fi feat

ACS' head of Cloud Solutions, Stephen, shares how discussions with two different clients inspired him to reflect further on the significance of WiFi for businesses and how Maslow's modernised Hierarchy of Needs.

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The Modern Workplace, Workplace wellbeing

Office Move HQ: The team, the location, and the budget

Aug 22, 2016 /
office move hq feat

Welcome to Office Move HQ!

This is the start of a blog series all about what to consider before an office relocation, what not to forget when you are in the process of moving, and how to maximise your decision to move & limit the downtime it causes your business.

Today's blog will focus on how to choose your 'Office Move' team, considerations when looking at location, and how to start planning your budget.

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IT Security

Protecting your business from cyber crime: Where to start

Aug 10, 2016 /
protect your business from cyber crime

If somebody broke into your home and without your permission took your things, it would leave you feeling angry, unnerved, and frustrated. For those of you out there that own businesses, how would you feel if somebody stole your vital data? Shut your systems down? Stopped your business from operating? 

This blog is all about how you can start to protect your business from the above types of crime. 

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Productivity, Workplace wellbeing

What is workplace wellbeing?

Jul 29, 2016 /
workplace wellbeing

How many of you have continued with work outside of your normal office hours? Thanks to the accessibility that modern technology provides us with, work has become more of a 24/7 endeavour for many people.

In this blog, we will discuss workplace wellbeing, what it actually is, and how your business can adhere to the requirements of the modern workforce with a few ACS examples...

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Modern Business IT

Outsourcing IT: the pro's, the con's, and the rewards

Jul 07, 2016 /
outsource IT

Has your business reached the point where your internal IT resource isn't enough to help drive your business forward? Your business is growing, you are introducing more remote employees into your workforce, or you are fed up of downtime and simply need to step it up when it comes to your IT. 

In this blog we address some of the high level things that you should consider when weighing up your IT support options... 

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The Modern Workplace, Productivity

Is your office a productive haven?

Apr 28, 2016 /
productive havent feat

According to The National Office for Statistics, people who work full-time in the UK work an average of 7.82 hours a day. But with the increasing impact of mobile devices and the work styles of new generations, the real hourly average per work day is likely to be much higher.

In this blog, we look at the considerations that business owners have to make when adapting their office spaces for new work styles and generations.  

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5 ways to improve business efficiency...

Mar 04, 2016 /
efficiency feat

I speak to other business owners on a daily basis, and no matter what the project or topic of discussion, a question that I always find myself asking is, "What is your objective?", and one of the most common responses that I get is, "We need to be more efficient." 

Here are some quick tips on how I think businesses can start to do this...

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ACS Culture

The birth of a new website

Nov 05, 2015 /
new web blog feat

Some of you who know ACS quite well might have noticed that we have recently taken the plunge and redesigned our website. I wanted to share with you a few of the reasons as to why we changed our site, how the project has unfolded and what we have learnt along the way. 

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Do more with Microsoft

What killed my iPad?

Oct 05, 2015 /

Firstly a little background if I may...My name is Jon Thorpe and I am one of the managing directors of acs office solutions. I have lived and breathed the world of technology since graduating from Northampton University with a degree in IT and Business, some 26 years ago to my disbelief! 

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