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What is ransomware?

A security system vulnerability which once the attacker is in, data is encrypted, and money is demanded. 

Anyone and everyone is a target but ACS can help you stay protected.

What can it cost?

Ransomware can cost firms over £700,000 with one in five SMB's attacked in 2017 being forced to shutdown.

Experts, influencers and government organisations such as the NCSC are suggesting one powerful tool... Cloud Computing.

How can you stay protected?

Be suspicious! 23% people open phishing emails so be cautious. Take care when opening email attachments, browsing unfamiliar websites and never enter bank details insecurely or download apps that haven't been verified.

Safety = Cloud Adoption

Cyber security is highly complex and with the human factor often being the most common inducer of ransomware, investing in Cloud Computing is a good place to start. Amongst its many benefits, a cloud solution can be safer than investing in an independent cyber security system for your business.

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Contact a Cloud Specialist

ACS work with Cloud Specialists that function on the basis of security. With outstanding internal practices and heightened data security at the core of everything we do, businesses can rest assured that their company data is protected and monitored 24/7 365 days a year.

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