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GDPR enforcement began May 25th 2018. Is your organisation compliant?

At ACS we have the skilled personnel, process knowledge, and technology expertise to evaluate your GDPR readiness and help you on your path to become, and stay compliant.


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GDPR enforcement began May 25th 2018. Is your organisation compliant? At ACS we'll work with you to uncover risk, and take action. Data, security and helping businesses do more with new ways of working is one of our highest priorities and every organisation, whether small or large, needs to protect its data and itself from the crippling commercial consequences should a breach occur whilst not GDPR compliant.

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To avoid heavy fines and offer customers ultimate peace of mind, now is the time to secure your business data. The potential fines are business killers, and the challenge may look insurmountable, but download your free ACS guide to GDPR, and we’ll ensure your business starts a clear, practical and cost-effective route towards full GDPR compliance.

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Key changes required by the GDPR

Personal privacy

Individuals have the right to:

• Access their personal data
• Correct errors in their  personal data
• Erase their personal data
• Object to processing of their personal data
• Export personal data

Controls & Notifications

Organisations will need to:

• Protect personal data using appropriate security
• Notify authorities of personal data breaches
• Obtain appropriate consents for processing  data
• Keep records detailing data processing

Transparent policies

Organisations are required to:

• Provide clear notice of data collection
• Outline processing purposes and use cases
• Define data retention and deletion policies

IT and Training

Organisations will need to:

• Train privacy personnel & employee
• Audit and update data policies
• Employ a Data Protection Officer (if required)
• Create & manage compliant vendor contracts