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What is Cyber Essentials PLUS?

Cyber Essentials PLUS is a government-backed cyber security certification scheme. It defines basic cyber security measures that according to the government, could prevent up to 80% of cyber attacks.

Every business is a target for cyber attacks and Cyber Essentials PLUS is a mechanism that organisations of any type and size can use to demonstrate to customers, investors, insurers and others that they have taken essential precautions to secure their information against the majority of these threats.

With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now in place, every business will have to enforce strict protection of personal data or face serious penalties. By implementing Cyber Essentials PLUS and the scheme's five security protocols to provide a basic level of protection from the vast majority of cyber attacks, you'll demonstrate that your business is taking the necessary steps to mitigate risk. Plus you can rest assured knowing your data is protected and focus on managing your business.



of small businesses had a security breach in 2015


small businesses think it’s unlikely or very unlikely that they’d be a target for an attack


of breached SMEs said that the attack affected their reputation


of procurement managers say that cyber security standards are important when awarding a project to a potential supplier

Why choose Cyber Essentials PLUS?

  1. Protect your organisation from approximately 80% cyber attacks by implementing the five controls correctly
  2. Demonstrate security and help secure the supply chain by protecting your own data and that of your customers and suppliers
  3. Boost your reputation and have a greater chance of winning contracts
  4. Drive business efficiency by focusing on your core objectives knowing that you are protected from the majority of cyber attacks
  5. Cyber Essentials PLUS will permit you to work with the UK government
  6. Reduce cyber insurance premiums as insurance agencies often look more favourably on organisations that have achieved Cyber Essentials PLUS certification.

Cyber Essentials PLUS is a complex area but ACS can help your business achieve full certification swiftly and cost-effectively.

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Strengthen cyber security and improve business efficiency with these five controls

Secure configuration

Cut costs on systems or databases that you no longer need or use by developing a consistent software installation and configuration management process. Apply security patches and ensure the secure configuration of all systems is maintained.

Protect your networks

Firewalls and gateways identify and block unwanted traffic that could be harmful to your computers, systems and networks. Identifying the cyber attacks that target your company allows you to create an internal database that can inform how you recover from them and how to prevent attackers from accessing your network in the future.

Manage user priveledges

Control what can or can not be installed on company computers by restricting admin access to applications, computers and networks to a small group of users. Staff should be given the lowest access level necessary to their job functions in order to avoid the installation of harmful, unnecessary or time-wasting software.

Patch management

Patches improve software performance and remove the issues that slow down employees, such as software crashes and poor performance caused by congested networks.

Malware prevention

Establish anti-malware defences across your organisation. Infected devices cost you time and money when they’re out of action; there’s the cost of repair, the cost of substitute devices, as well as the fact that your employees would be better utilised. With a malware protection system in place, you avoid such costs.