When it comes to choosing technology, Epson understands that businesses put reliability and environmental impact at the top of their lists. This is what drives us to create innovative products that are reliable, recyclable, and energy-efficient. This commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our products spans all stages of their life cycle. Epson is constantly developing new ways to help meet environmental standards, and our research and development allows us to deliver innovative, precision technologies featuring multiple energy-saving features. That means you don’t have to choose between a better planet and bottom-line benefits for your business.

Save When You Switch To An Epson Business Inkjet

Replacing a laser printer with an Epson inkjet is an easy decision with benefits that can cut your energy usage, boost productivity and reduce waste. Plus, independent tests conducted on Epson inkjet printers confirm that you can make considerable savings when compared to competing laser printers.

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Cut your energy costs


Looking for Hassle-Free Managed Print?

Introducing Print365: the fixed-cost printing service.

Unmanaged printing services are costly to maintain. You need to source source hardware, supplies and support separately, and pay for it all separately. Print365 offers you a simple solution, designed for businesses of all sizes and from just 1 device, including all the elements of a traditional MPS solution. It has the flexibility to grow as your business and printing demands grow.

Are you looking for a hassle-free managed print service designed for small to medium businesses?

Scan. Transform. Build.
Release the potential of a digital workspace

Built for business, Epson and ACS provide you with the right scanning solution for any situation. The comprehensive range of scanners set the standard no matter what the type of your business; from sheetfed to mobile solutions, Epson’s products reduce time and improve quality of document management.

Increased Productivity

Built with performance at its heart, the Epson sheetfed business scanner range is the ideal solution for busy offices
and front-of-house applications. Utilise the compact design of the WorkForce Sheetfed range to position your scanner where you need it most; on your desk, front of house or customer facing environments. Please feature the image of the 3 scanners together from the brochure next to this bit.

Flatbed Scanners for Versatility and High Resolution

Designed to support the needs and demands of the busiest departments that scan the most challenging media. Ideal for businesses who require easy document capture and conversion thanks to high-quality CCD technology and powerful imaging features using Epson Scan and Document Capture Pro 2 software. Epson WorkForce flatbed scanners are specifically designed to accommodate documents individually, and are ideal for users with specific capture needs, such as scanning bound materials and thick or fragile documents. These scanners can be easily integrated into vertical applications thanks to TWAIN, ISIS and WIA support.

Release the potential of mobile scanning

Create a mobile office with the support of a global leader in scanning solutions and portable, compact and light on-the-go effective solutions. Built with performance and portability at its heart, the Epson mobile business scanner range is the ideal solution for field workers, agile working environments, and those with limited space. Epson mobile scanners include a range of power sources. Choose from a conventional plug, USB cable or make use of the built-in Li-ion batteries on the WorkForce DS-80W and DS-360W. This allows a cable free, effortless scanning experience no matter where you are.

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Display Size Matters

Achieving the correct display, with the optimum visibility, is critical to getting the most from your meetings, lessons and on-screen content. One of the advantages of Epson projectors is that they offer a scalable screen size, to meet the varying requirements of rooms and audiences of all sizes.
You wouldn’t be comfortable working at a desk where the screen is too small – it’s not good for your eyes, and can compromise the quality of on-screen content.

For the same reasons, you need a screen size that is suitable for your meeting- or classroom – which is why Epson projectors exceed the health and safety standards for the equivalent desktop display experience. (EU Directive 90/270/EEC – Display Screen Equipment).

The screen size scalability and functionality of Epson projectors mean it’s easy to ensure that content shown is not too small, is of high quality and clearly visible to all, taking into consideration viewing distances from the screen. That way, everyone in your meeting or lesson has the same opportunities to share and engage.

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Optimised Collaboration

In addition to offering optimum screen performance, Epson projectors are designed to integrate with your existing systems. With Epson’s meeting room solutions, you can create a flexible, future-proof, dynamic meeting room, and unify communications to ensure a smooth workflow across all devices, at all times.

You can also benefit from greater colleague and student involvement. Using Epson’s interactive range, enjoy 6 points of finger-touch interactivity for quick and easy annotation, brainstorming sessions and share it all with your attendees straight from your projector.

Laser Light Source for a Fit and Forget Solution

Not only can Epson Projectors deliver hassle-free meetings, with easy connectivity and set-up, but we also offer maintenance-free display for 20,000 hours; no lamps to replace means you can fit your projector and forget about changing any lamps. Spend more time doing what you do best, and less time maintaining your display equipment.

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