Precision powers for the future

Precision powers for the future

AI technologies powered by Dell Precision workstations

Together we solve the most complex problems with technology made for innovation.

Dell EMC Solutions for Artificial Intelligence are delivered with everything we need to accelerate AI initiatives. Helping make AI implementations faster and easier, these solutions are ideal for machine and deep learning. They enable organisations to drive faster, deeper, better and new insights into customer preferences, how to deliver stronger products and services, and where to focus to grow business.

Drive operational efficiencies

Render better and deeper data-driven insights that drive operational efficiencies.

Transform decision making

Embark upon your AI journey to uncover the rich data insights that will allow you to transform your decision making in real-time.

Grow the business

Drive business outcomes and create new revenue streams to grow business.

Blurring the lines between tomorrow and today

Cognitive technologies are the fastest growing area in modern computing. Applications that previously required human intelligence, including data analytics, complex processing, statistical modelling and visualisations are now augmented by powerful machine learning algorithms, shortening the time between ideas and results. These algorithms give new insights to information so you can move your business forward.

Helping industrial warehouses run more efficiently has never been easier. Cognitive technologies assist in everything from loss prevention to predicting when certain machines will require maintenance.

Machine learning creates a futuristic level of security from fraud detection and risk assessments to market predictions.

Machine learning and reasoning are helping farmers reduce the amount of pesticide needed while still increasing their production yields.

From analysing wind patterns to deducing the most beneficial way to maximise energy production, deep learning is making great strides in energy efficiency.

Physicians are using deep learning to analyse large amounts of data and medical images for more efficient, accurate treatments that result in a higher chance of recovery.

Power amazing outcomes

Dell Precision workstations deliver the power to deploy and manage cognitive technology platforms, including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. In collaboration with industry partners Dell aim to deliver versatile cognitive technology workstation configurations, so every machine exceeds expectation. It’s a cost-effective solution that puts this advanced technology within reach.

Get it all done

Solve practical machine learning and deep learning problems with a Dell Precision workstation. Workstation performance and reliability handles the demanding development and deployment of a variety of AI applications.

Accessible and affordable

Working with partners across industries delivers workstations configured to your cognitive framework, making it an effective, flexible solution.

The machines of the future

The latest update of the Dell Precision Optimizer dynamically optimises the performance of any application. This software update uses Machine Learning developed on new, powerful Dell Precision workstations to improve system reliability with automated updates and provide analytics to address bottlenecks.

Jeff Clark, Vice Chairman, Products and Operations discusses in his article Smarter is Better: Progress made and opportunity ahead with AI and Machine Learning; how the devices that we rely on every day are getting smarter and being built with the compute power designed to make informed decisions, in turn leading to tangible business outcomes. And we’re just getting started. Every day we are learning new things and the opportunities ahead are endless. Read more about just a few of the ways Dell Technologies is driving the AI and machine learning evolution

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