Conceptual visualisation & space planning

Conceptual visualisation space planning

Do away with the cluttered hustle and bustle of a generic office. Get a design that works for your business, both aesthetically and operationally. It’s vital that your office space has a practical, business driven approach to creativity and space planning. Does your business have a space that works optimally? Where the impact of every square meter is maximised in terms of presentation and functionality? We’ve put together a list of the core design features, we think you should incorporate:

New Ways Of Working

Your office workplace should be unique and able to function in different ways. The design of your office should create an environment that reflects your business goals. Most employees working day still revolves predominantly around a desk, which can be detrimental to performance. A variety of spaces must be considered and designed alongside flexibility and choice regarding when and where to work. This level of innovation should also be embedded in a business culture shift. This should both embrace and encourage empowerment and autonomy.

Picking Furniture/Fabrics

When selecting new office furniture for your workspace, you may need to pick out complementary fabrics for upholstered items. If you are picking out upholstery for your office chairs, you should pick a high-quality material. As a result, it will hold up to repeated use and that will not quickly grow worn or faded.

With wall coverings, your focus should be on the colours and patterns you want for your office’s walls. You might also consider looking at upholstered panels for your panel systems. These can add a touch of character and individuality to the workspace. In all cases, your focus should be on finding quality materials with colours and designs that reflect your business’s unique style.

New Concept

We believe every company should look at an exploratory design process. This means that you should take the required time and energy to explore new possibilities. Think outside the box. Use visualisation to map out your office space and experiment with new ideas. Utilising tools such as BIM and 3D digital models in the concept process, you should be able to create a fully functional design. You can then later develop these into something that works efficiently for your business needs.

Workflow Audit

A workflow audit is an essential stage during the redesign, to ensure maximum use of your space. There are 3 main stages to a workflow audit. Map out the functions of your business and how you utilise each element of your office space to its maximum potential. It’s important to involve as many core stakeholders as possible. This is to make sure that everyone’s on the same page.

  • Planned
  • In progress
  • Completed

3D Visuals Walk-Through

Here at ACS, we believe 3D space planning is a vital part of the redesign process. Because it helps to maximise the efficiency of an organisation’s work processes. The benefits of incorporating 3D visuals walk-through are:

  • Allows the user to make Preliminary Space Plan design changes with a simple click of a button, anywhere in the world
  • Allows changes to be shared with others for instant review and further changes
  • Reduces the number of trips to your new spaces, thus saving time
  • Can help determine the best locations for electrical, data, and phone outlets. As a rseult, minimising construction and installation costs and avoiding unneeded and unused outlets
  • Helps determine the best locations for doors, glass wall panels and artwork
  • Helps determine the appropriate amount of furniture that can be used in the space
  • Architectural fees are reduced due to fewer changes to their formally drawn Space Plans.

At ACS we place a great deal of emphasis on 3D design tools in our office redesigns that ensure your perfect office, not only creating an aesthetic your employees will love, but boosting their work performance through efficient space management and workflow planning. Talk to us today to find out what we could do for you.