Northampton Town Football Club

Northampton Town Football Club

The Client

Northampton Town Football Club, affectionately known as the Cobblers, was founded on 6th March 1897. This was after a group of local school teachers decided to form the town’s first professional football club. 119 years later, after a turnaround season, the club is anticipating promotion into League 1.

The Requirement

After working with an IT infrastructure that was, according to Chief Executive, James Whiting, ‘cobbled’ together, a decision was made to invest in modern solutions. The club had a contact that would assist with technical issues. However, they were not available for around the clock support. It was time to work with a partner that they could rely on 24/7. They needed someone that could help develop an infrastructure to support the vision of the club moving forward.

The Solution

ACS is now the official IT partner for Northampton Town Football Club. Therefore, we provide the business with full IT support. This includes day to day network monitoring, technical support and ongoing consultancy services. We are also working in partnership to ensure that the IT infrastructure in place can withstand short and long term developments the club plan to implement.

Via their dedicated Account Director, Northampton Town are able to source any IT hardware required very efficiently. Also Office 365 is now in place so the team can communicate in real time from wherever they might be. James has expressed how this has helped strengthen overall communication amongst the team. As a result, people based both nationally and internationally can communicate, including the club Chairman, Kelvin Thomas, who is based in the US.

“We are not a traditional business, a lot of our business is done at weekends and evenings. Our transactional systems are based in a cloud environment. If our ticketing system were to go down the impact is huge. It is also invaluable to know that ACS is there to deal with such issues quickly and effectively. This is due to their ability to fix potential issues before they impact our supporters.”

James Whiting, Chief executive