Mobile trends that are driving choice in 2019

Mobile trends that are driving choice in 2019

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Top 5 trends for business mobiles

Our Partners are at the forefront of driving choice in the mobile marketplace. In 2019 the need for the latest and greatest is going to explode with the introduction of 5G. Fundamentally it will support the popular notion of a flexible workforce that can access business software anywhere from any device without limiting the functionality. It will drive content creation by the many not the few and we will see this change in behaviour effecting handset choice. One size will no longer fit all across handset, plans and networks. We’re poised for the advent of the fourth industrial revolution ‘The internet of things’.

#1 5G driving network choice

Some lucky people will enjoy those blazing fast speeds. And it’s worth noting that people who buy new 5G-enabled handsets should also see very real speed boosts for downloads on 4G LTE networks thanks to the new modem in the Snapdragon 855, which will power a lot of flagship Android phones. The trade-off is going be higher prices, for both plans and handsets.

#2 The ‘internet of things’ driving possibility

Are you ready for the explosion of integrated technology? 5G is expected to usher in self-driving vehicles, as well as making smart traffic lights even more intelligent but slightly more fundamental to businesses will be the new found ability to monitor occupancy of a car park, lighting in outside buildings and CCTV footage of your perimeter streamed live to mobile devices.  We already have that I hear you cry… but imagine a new world where a Wi-Fi connection or heavy cabling isn’t needed. It will use 5G.

#3 Digital transformation driving handset choice

It’s the buzz word of 2018 but businesses are expected to come off the side-lines this year and engage with it’s fundamental principles. With workforce’s becoming more fluid, integrated application of your business software is no longer a ‘nice to have’. Being able to access information anywhere on and across your devices is now at the forefront of great business practice.

#4 Mobile photography driving business content

Mobile phone photography has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. We have seen our customers place more emphasis on content as a business case. Everyone’s an expert now, all team members are capturing client needs, case studies and opinions.

#5 Foldable phones driving no one anywhere

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten foldable phones. We are aware that manufacturers are poised to release folding phone designs this year. The first wave are going to be chunky, glitchy, and incredibly expensive. I think it’s going to take a lot more work before folding phones develop into a major, mainstream trend for business.

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