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As a cultural hub for art and entertainment, Bedford is amongst the Midlands most recognisable towns. Situated in one of England’s smallest counties, bordered east and west by tourist hotspots like Oxford, Bedford has an affluent business economy. With direct links to London and Manchester, Bedford is a superb Midland office location.

Whilst not typically known for it, Bedford offers scenic riverside views, along the River Great Ouse. A vibrant area with a wide selection of amenities and leisure facilities, as with most Midlands towns, Bedford’s economy is booming as a flourishing commercial hub.

What Can ACS Offer Your Bedford Business

ACS prides itself on offering award winning services to Bedford clients including IT support, office redesign and refurbishment solutions to suit any business’ needs, with a team of dedicated, highly qualified professionals.



The eclectic heart of England, Coventry is home to ancient legends and medieval castles, popular shopping quarters and historic market villages. You can learn about the legend of Lady Godiva, visit the birthplace of Shakespeare or simply tour the inspirational ruins of Coventry Cathedral.

Whether you’re visiting one of the many award-winning museums or visiting one of the countless theaters, you’ll be immersed in rich medieval heritage, nestled within a bustling business community of inventive and inspirational enterprises.

What Can ACS Offer Your Coventry Business?

Coventry has one of the largest industrial bases in the country, which makes it one of the most attractive places for commercial businesses. However, don’t let Coventry’s medieval heritage reflect on your business’ interior design - ACS offers exceptional office redesign services including, office renovation. Additionally, we offer managed IT support to suit businesses of all sizes, allowing you to focus your time, energy and resources elsewhere.



Primarily known as a university city with over 24,000 students, there’s never a shortage of enthusiastic, highly educated graduates in Cambridge. With a relatively small population of just over 120,000 Cambridge boasts one of the highest standards of living in the UK, which should be reflected in your business’ authentic. As a small city with over a thousand years of history, Cambridge boasts a proud heritage

protected by ample pedestrian-only areas. Boasting the UK’s own Silicone Valley, Cambridge is home to Silicon Fen, at the forefront of Britain’s bioscience and software industry.

What Can ACS Offer Your Cambridge Business?

At the heart of British tech, ACS’ IT support services are second to none, saving your business both time and money, as well as driving efficiency. On top of IT support and bespoke solutions, we offer office redesign and renovation, including office furniture, office refurbishmentsspace planning, and workflow management to rival Silicon Valley. Bring your workplace to life with a redesign or streamline efficiency with our bespoke IT solutions.



Situated in the heart of Northamptonshire, England, Corby has developed into a respected corporate and cultural hub, having grown rapidly due to significant government investment.

Home to several national and international brands with superb travel links to London, Corby is an up and coming business town. Having developed into a major distribution hub Corby was named the manufacturing hub of the year, 2013.

What Can ACS Offer Your Corby Business?

If you find your office looking dated in the shadow of the town’s regeneration, ACS can help. Maximize use of your office space and employee productivity with an office redesign. Whether you’re looking to outsource IT support or reinvigorate your internal IT services with a bespoke solution, ACS’ expert and experienced team has been created to meet your business needs.



A small market town in Northamptonshire, Daventry is a UK business hub in its own right, has grown from humble beginnings.

With good transport links to London and the North, like many other Midlands towns, Daventry boasts a thriving economy, whilst maintaining it’s quaint small town image.

Due to its close proximity to many larger locations, Daventry is home to a diverse range of businesses and acts as a hub to the rest of the region.

What Can ACS Offer Your Daventry Business?

Keep ahead of your local competition by maximizing the productivity of your premises with an ACS office redesign. Whether you’re looking to reinvigorate staff or spruce working conditions with new office furniture, ACS is here to help. With award winning outsourced IT solutions, we

pride ourselves on saving our clients time and money, as well as streamlining services for an improved client and staff working environment.



Arguably the best-known city in the East Midlands, Leicester is also one of the largest. Boasting ample amenities and beautiful countryside, the city sits on the River Soar and is on the doorstep of the National Forest.

As a true travel hub, Leicester sits within easy access of London, Manchester, and Birmingham whilst also being home to its own booming business presence.

Leicester is home to the largest economy in the East Midlands with a recent Experian study estimating Leicester contributes £15.3 billion to the UK economy annually. With a bright business future ahead, Leicester also has a rich historical past, rooted in textiles, clothing, and shoes.

What Can ACS Offer Your Leicester Business?

In an economic powerhouse such as Leicester, it’s vital to keep at the forefront of your competitors, with ACS’ state of the art, bespoke IT support and outsourcing IT services. If IT isn’t your thing, differentiate yourself from your rivals with an office redesign or office refurbishment  to suit your business’ needs – whether you’re an ambitious start-up in the suburbs or an established business in the city center. 

From fresh office furniture to workflow planning, our experience covers redesigning any space to fit your business needs and reflect your company culture. With productivity and efficiency at the heart of our services, speak to us today, to find out how we can help reinvigorate your business.


Milton Keynes

Despite lacking a rich heritage, Milton Keynes has grown rapidly, establishing itself as a budding economic Midlands powerhouse, full of industry, culture and fledgling business.

Despite never having achieved city status, due to the sheer scale and size of amenities and economy in the area, it is referred to as such by the town’s media and population.

What Can ACS Offer Your Milton Keynes Business?

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your business, ACS is on hand to guide and manage your office redesign. From fresh office furniture to workflow planning, we ensure your business needs are met whilst maximising productivity and impressing both staff and clients. As well as design, we specialise in outsourced IT support and solutions, tailored to your business and clients’ needs, maximising business operations.



Situated in Cambridgeshire, England, Peterborough is a Cathedral city built on the River Nene, having developed during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century. This sense of economy and industry has persisted, making it a core business hub for the region.

With several historical churches, such as The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter, Saint Andrew, and Saint Paul, the city is also famous for its culturally and historically rich museum, Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery dating back to the 1800s.

What Can ACS Offer Your Peterborough Business?

Despite its historical setting, we pride ourselves on bringing businesses we work with into the 21st Century with our diverse range of office furniture and office refurbishment / office redesign services. With day to day running, productivity and efficiency at the heart of our work, you can rest assured your staff and clients will be wowed by our results.

If you’re looking to save time and money, our IT solutions and support are ideally suited to Peterborough businesses. With our IT services, efficiency and cost are at the heart of our offering, our goal is to save you money on IT management, whilst increasing efficiency and uptime.