Email Protection Inside, and Beyond


Mimecast’s Email Security 3.0 Approach

Move from Perimeter Email Security to Pervasive Email Security

Your organisation can no longer just rely on protecting what’s yours or your partners’. You must be cognisant of everything that lives in the cybersphere. Mimecast provides best-of-breed protection at your perimeter, inside your network and organisation, and beyond your perimeter.

At Your Perimeter
Attackers send SPAM and viruses via email and embed URLs in email to conduct phishing and spear phishing attacks. They also deliver forms of malware that organisations can’t detect with signatures and classic antivirus technologies. Given the volume of messages that come in and go out of an organisation’s perimeter, it’s critical to concentrate security controls at the gateway.
Mimecast applies the most effective controls possible to keep email secure at your perimeter. Our email security service with targeted threat protection offers best-in-class defenses against even the most sophisticated attacks.

Inside Your Network & Organisation
Threats that exist inside an organisation are often underestimated, which means they also carry a lot of risk. Attacks can spread silently and rapidly from user-to-user or even worse, from employees to customers and partners. And without adequate security awareness, end-users are highly susceptible to making an innocent but devastating mistake.
Preventing attackers from breaching your internal email systems, while also making employees aware of common tactics and best practices, is the focus of Mimecast’s email security strategy inside your network and organisation.

Beyond Your Perimeter
Brand impersonation attacks that exploit your good name to compromise customers and partners are devastating. They destroy trust, are extremely difficult to uncover, and even harder to shut down. And unfortunately, they’re all too easy for criminals to create. Even unsophisticated attackers can simply register similar domains and host websites designed to trick unsuspecting visitors, damaging the brand equity it may have taken you years or decades to build. The time has come to move from defense to offense.
Protecting your organization from brand abuse is the foundation of Mimecast’s email security strategy beyond your perimeter. Essential steps include implementing DMARC to protect the domains you own, while also proactively hunting for and remediating attacks that rely on fraudulent, lookalike domains.

Across Your Perimeter
Complex security challenges often lead to complex security ecosystems – a reality reflected by the fact that organisations are using numerous disparate technologies to address their security needs, with some employing as many as 75 different solutions. Making it all work together is about more than optimising investments. It’s about keeping your organisation safe.
As the most widely-targeted attack vector, email is an incredibly rich source of telemetry and threat intelligence. Through a continuously growing library of APIs and robust threat intelligence, Mimecast makes it easy for you to leverage that data in ways that make both your IT team and overall security system smarter.