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Add creativity and inspiration to modern learning environments and engage every student with our range of educational display solutions. From small interactive classrooms to large lecture theatres, our products offer the perfect solution. Whatever your audience size you can count on stunning images, versatile features and easy operation. And, unlike flat panel displays, all our projectors provide a scalable image size to give  everyone the perfect view.
Having the right sized image for a room can make a huge difference to levels of concentration, enjoyment and understanding. Unlike flat panel displays, Epson projectors provide a scalable image size so whatever the room, every student gets a perfect view without losing image quality or needing constant zoom adjustment.

Display size matters in Education

Student engagement with a small screen can be a problem. Epson display solutions in screen sizes up to 500” allow students to view rich, vibrant images in full HD so everyone can see clearly. Interactive pens and finger-touch technology keep students engaged, and they can even share content from their own devices. Maintenance-free laser technology solutions help you inspire and engage students by delivering bigger, brighter, more effective displays.


Display size matters…

in classrooms

Display size matters – choose the right display for your learning environment. Keeping students engaged when displaying content on a small screen can be a problem. Inspire and engage your class with the Epson EB-710Ui interactive, widescreen solution. Content can be viewed in full HD on a screen up to 100″. Every student gets an easy-to-read, clear view. And they can share content from their own devices and then annotate with interactive pens or with finger-touch technology.

Display size matters…

in lectures

It’s hard to engage students in larger groups, especially if the screen is hard to read. The Epson EB-2265U and EB-510U display solutions are easy to install, have fit and forget laser technology and can display content on a screen up to 500″. Full HD WUXGA resolution makes reading easy for all. Encourage collaboration by sharing content from student devices, annotating content directly onto the screen and simultaneously video conference off site participants. Perfect for large group engagement.

Display size matters…

in auditoriums

Whole school assemblies in the main hall are occasions when you want all your pupils to be fully engaged. Ensure everyone can see your presented content with scalable images up to 500″. Epson display solutions have fit and forget, low maintenance laser technology and give audiences the perfect view in full HD with the brightest colours. When a flat panel just isn’t big enough check out the Epson EB-7900U and EB-L1300U for large, powerful presentations.

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Committed to corporate and social responsibility

Epson is committed to developing environmentally conscious products, which means that sustainability is considered from conception to completion. Epson strive to help customers recognise the environmental gains brought on by technology, whether it is redefining manufacturing through innovative robotics, saving energy with office printing technology or revolutionising textile printing with digital solutions.
Committed to all 17 United Nations’ sustainable development goals and to the aims of the circular economy, Epson offer sustainable innovations because they recognise that the choices they make as organisations, individuals or a society will be essential to shared success.

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