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Dell EMC is uniquely positioned to help businesses not only respond to Digital Transformation but take advantage of it. Dell EMC has the latest innovative solutions from end users to infrastructure, plus the strategic guidance and expert execution, that can help organisations of any size adopt the right transformative technologies to compete.

This is a new digital era.

We’re at the dawn of the Internet of Everything — what many have called the next Industrial Revolution. An era powered not by the steam engine, interchangeable parts, or electricity — by data.

Data-driven technologies are dramatically changing the business landscape.

Organisations today must embrace change, rethink business processes, and transform to become more efficient, innovative, and customer-focused. Improve delivery speed and operational agility, enhance customer experience, and stand out from the competition. This is Digital Transformation. A complete transformation strategy encompasses Digital, Workforce, IT, and Security Transformation. IT and Workforce transformations are integral to Digital Transformation; And Security is fundamental to every aspect of modernizing the business.


Transform your digital outlook.

To realise the potential of Digital Transformation, business’s have to be ready for change in four key areas:


Protecting assets.


Empowering the workforce.


Modernising the business.


Automating IT operations.

The roadmap for digital transformation

First, you must optimise IT infrastructure by modernising and automating the technologies and processes running business operations.

This is IT Transformation.

Then you must empower a more dynamic workforce – wherever people are working – with the right technology, the right access, and the right security to be more productive and more responsive to customers and the business, including finding more efficient and effective ways to manage, support, and secure the workforce.

This is Workforce Transformation.

The support to succeed

In ACS workplace Technology we place emphasis on flexibility and rapid decision-making, freeing employees to do more with less. We provide and implement technologies for a more connected, efficient and modern workplace, as well as investing in strategies for training or re-skilling workers to be digitally competent.

Our team understands our clients’ need for comprehensive visibility across a business and transforming that into real-time data. You should have the tools to make intelligent decisions about how the business uses its resources.

“Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. We are more connected than ever, the world around us is driven by technologies that are more immersive and available on-demand, and businesses increasingly depend on technology and tech innovation to stay competitive.”
Jon Thorpe

ACS Managing Director

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  • Cottesloe School

    "High achievement for all is our shared responsibility."

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  • Ducati

    The partnership that ACS and Ducati have includes the communication of proactive reports and feedback every quarter to ensure that systems are up to industry best practice.

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  • FG Solicitors

    Over the years, with an honest and open relationship, ACS has helped the practice refresh their IT infrastructure.

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  • Harlington Upper High School

    Whenever we require an installation or additional work on-site from the ACS team they are happy to work around us to ensure that classes are not disrupted.

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  • Health Case And Management Ltd

    After discussions with ACS’ Licensing Specialist, Anthony was advised on a suitable Office 365 solution.

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  • Neves Solicitors

    The aim was to increase ease of remote working and have a scalable IT solution.

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  • Northampton Town Football Club

    It was time for them to work with a partner that they could rely on 24/7

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  • Northamptonshire Chamber

    We ensured that Northamptonshire Chamber would enjoy dramatically increased system uptime and improved productivity.

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  • O'Riordan Bond Estate Agents

    O'Riordan Bond have partnered closely with ACS for 21 years, purchasing IT hardware, office furniture, and receiving tailored IT Managed Services.

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  • Parkland Primary School

    ACS Supply the school with any day to day IT equipment that is required. This ranges from iPads, teacher laptops, digital cameras to consumables.

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  • Reading Girls School

    We helped the school assess a variety of different touchscreen monitors.

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  • SAS Logistics

    The ACS cloud team got to know SAS Logistics' objectives and it was decided to move the existing server environment to the cloud.

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  • Ashford School

    Ashford School was in the process of deploying a 1 to 1 iPad scheme  throughout the prep and senior schools.

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