Multifactor Authentication (MFA) confirms a user’s identity only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence. At ACS we deploy a diverse range of authentication solutions, be that cloud, appliance or software based. Go beyond passwords to alleviate the risk of weak or compromised user accounts.

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  • Phishing – The attacker uses a list of phone numbers or email addresses and delivers a message with a compelling call to action. An employee may be told that they need to log in and verify transactions then be sent to a fake website where they then provide their username and password.
  • Spear phishing – An attacker would target a group of individuals with researched and in turn, believable messages that are relevant to them. This could use personalised content such as a name or reference to a recent event or activity. Like phishing, it then provides a call to action that encourages users to provide their credentials.
  • Keyloggers – The attacker installs a program, usually a virus, that captures every keystroke on the user’s computer. This would include sites visited, usernames, passwords, answers to security questions, and much more.
  • Credential stuffing – When an attacker takes advantage of the circumstance that users would often use identical username and password details across multiple accounts. They would attempt to use stolen credentials to gain access to multiple sites and applications.
  • Brute force and reverse brute force attacks – When an attacker uses a program to generate possible usernames and/or passwords and gain access with them. Alternatively, an attacker would try the most commonly used passwords such as” Password123” across various accounts.
  • Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks – This is when an attacker’s program inserts itself into the interaction between a user and an application. An example could be by impersonating a public Wi-Fi. The program would then obtain the login credentials that the user enters or even hijack the session token.

It’s important to note that MFA won’t stop all types of attacks and it doesn’t guarantee security, but it does add additional layers of authentication that make cyber attacks more difficult to be successful.

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“ACS have expertise and are not sold on selling you anything that they have, they will sell you a solution that is right for you.”

Rob Parkes
Head of commercial operations at the Silverstone experience

“By working in partnership our IT spend is fixed and user satisfaction has also increased across the business.”

Paul Griffiths
Chief Executive- Northamptonshire Chamber

“We have been using ACS as our preferred supplier for 9 years after a recommendation from a parent. We purchase our day to day IT equipment from ACS. I can rely on them to deliver and supply the technology that I need within my budget. The overall services that ACS provide are cost effective, reliable and the team is always friendly.”

Chris Dicken
Teacher & IT Coordinator- Parklands Primary School

“ACS have been our trusted partner of choice for best value workplace ideas and IT support for 21 years. A ‘true’ partnership means you share the good times of growth and the tough times the economy can give you. A 21 year partnership speaks volumes!“

Simon Bond, O’Riordan Bond
Joint Managing Director

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