Cyber security for schools

Cyber security for schools

With cyber attacks on the rise, protecting the sensitive data and vulnerable young people in your care has never been more important.


Prioritising cyber security is difficult without adequate resources or expertise. Therefore it is important that you establish:

  1. That your computers and networks are also secure
  2. If your Internet gateways are secure
  3. That user accounts are adequately protected with the appropriate access levels for your staff
  4. If the software on your network devices and computers is up to date and capable of resisting low-level cyber attacks
  5. That your computers and networks are protected from malware

Train staff to identify phishing and ransomware cyber attacks

Cyber criminals are using increasingly sophisticated methods of tricking people into opening systems to cyber attacks. This is known as social engineering. As a result, training is key to protecting your organisation.

ACS can coach the basics of mitigating phishing attacks and ransomware. We will provide those at risk with an understanding of phishing and ransomware attacks. This includes how to prevent them significantly, reducing the risk of falling victim.

Our team can:

  1. Explain what phishing is;
  2. Outline the consequences of a phishing attack;
  3. Describe ransomware and crypto-ransomware;
  4. Identify how to avoid falling victim to phishing attacks and ransomware; and
  5. List the steps to take if you think you’ve been compromised.