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Quickly deploy your virtual infrastructure like never before

Our Infrastructure as a Service solutions could be the difference between your business being good and being exceptional.

Self-service, on-demand access to IT resources means that the creation of new resources, access to tools and real-time collaboration happen in minutes instead of days, weeks or months.

How does ACS' Infrastructure as a Service help your business

pay as you go

Pay as you go

Think of your IT as a utility. You should only pay for what you use.

You only pay for what you use, think of it like a utility bill. 


Scalability on demand

Our solution can be scaled up and down with your business needs. Resource is available as and when you need it and there are no delays when you need to expand or reduce capacity. Thanks to pay as you go there is no wastage!


Reduced hardware investment

At as we setup & maintain the physical hardware that supports our IaaS solutions, saving your time and money. Hardware maintenance need no longer be a concern. 


Complete flexibility

Flexibility is important. We focus on providing tailored IaaS solutions and will always use an approach that best suits your business needs. We don’t do one size fits all. 

work anywhere

Work from anywhere

With IaaS you can access your work, data and desktop from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection, which means your workforce can be more productive than ever.



Working with acs you will benefit from the enterprise level security service that is used to protect the servers and data centre’s where we host your data. Downtime is no longer something you need to worry about.

no single point of failure

No single point of failure

If one server or network switch were to fail, your business productivity would be unaffected thanks to multiple redundancy solutions put into place. We ensure that if an entire data centre were to go offline, your business can still run successfully.

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