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Whats is Virtual Disaster Recovery as a service?

If a disaster strikes and you are unprepared, productivity stops, costs build and your reputation could be permanently damaged.

A disaster for your business can be caused by anything from a flood, a fire to hardware failures, security breaches or something as simple as a power cut. With our solution, you can avoid the costs of purchasing the infrastructure and software you need for a disaster recovery site because we have one for you. We focus on making sure your business productivity isn’t affected if a disaster strikes.

automated updates

Constant business productivity

Minimise downtime with pre-prepared data recovery. Our solution takes the worry away. 


It's scaleable

As your business grows and develops, so can the solution. We are proud to say everything we do is tailored to your business. 


Reduce outgoing costs

You will reduce capital expenditure. You won't need expensive backup servers, we have them for you! 


More robust

Reduced impact of disasters on your business revenue. The ACS Disaster Recovery as a Service will help you bounce back from trouble quickly. 


Better focus

You and your team can prioritise your focus on the key day-to-day objectives of the business. We will look after your disaster recovery for you. 

saves money

Fixed monthly cost

Have complete transparency on your investment every month. At ACS we are very fond of a no surprises approach. 

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