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What is File Sync & Share?

File sync & share is shorthand for sharing files among multiple users and devices and synchronising the shared files to retain file integrity.

We understand that you need a file sharing solution that can leverage your businesses existing infrastructure for growth, user demands, and of course, cannot compromise confidential information.


Easy to Share

Our file sync & share solutions will make it easier for your workforce to collaborate, share resources and work together from anywhere.


Anywhere access

Access your resources from any location as long as you have an Internet connection. You can be as productive as you have ever been.


Secure platform

Security is a priority for ACS. Your business will benefit from the enterprise level services that protect our UK data centre’s and servers, where your data will be stored.


Mobile devices too

It all works on your mobile devices too! You can now collaborate with your team whilst on the move.


Fast to deploy

There is no development required to deploy this solution. We understand that the sooner you can get running the better.


Encourages collaboration

With files and data securely accessible from any location, you can encourage employees to work together, no matter where they are. 

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