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The Client 

Xen Consultants are a telemarketing solutions company based in Milton Keynes. Telesales lead generation, sales training and surveys/market research are just some of the services that they offer. Growing year on year the company pride themselves on professionalism and quality of service. 

The Requirement 

In 2012, Michaela Graham, Director of Xen Consultants was moving offices and was recommended to integrate a VoIP phone system into the existing infrastructure by her IT partner at the time. After numerous problems with phone lines dropping out  Michaela was advised to get in touch with ACS.  The company needed a reliable phone system that had the ability to add value to their existing offering. 

The ACS solution

After making initial contact with ACS, our Telecoms Specialist Dave Szreider went out to meet Michaela to access the situation. It quickly became apparent that the route of the problem was the existing internet connection. It was agreed to keep a VoIP system, but the internet connection needed to be improved to ensure full functionality. 

In April 2014, after solving the initial requirement Michaela and her team were due to move again. Dave went back to the offices to discuss the move and expanding the phone system, the team had come to trust his advice based on the success of the last solution. The move went smoothly and the team at Xen were again happy with the results. 

Further to previous projects on September 1st this year ACS installed OAK software for Michaela and her team. This software enables you to record all call activity. 

In the telemarketing industry, the ability to record all calls is invaluable. Michaela uses the software for business processes such as training and quality control.  

In line with big growth plans, the systems that ACS have introduced to Michaela and her team has helped sustain quality of service, high levels of productivity, confidence from consultants and above all client satisfaction. 

“Over the last two years working with Dave and ACS I have come to trust their advice. The systems that have been installed are a fundamental part of our day to day service and performance. I cannot say a nicer word about Dave as a consultant, he explains the technical elements of projects to me in a way that I understand and always listens to what my needs are. I have done and will continue to recommend him to my business associates.” - Michaela Graham, Director


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