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The Client 

The Cottesloe School provides a vibrant and challenging learning community where students benefit from highly qualified, exceptionally committed staff who recognise the importance of creative and challenging teaching. The school aims to be recognised as a school that is on a journey to outstanding, which is reflected in it's core value statement. 

"High achievement for all is our shared responsibility." 


The Requirement 

The core infrastructure and networking needed to be upgraded at Cottesloe School. After a recommendation from Bedford School, the team got in touch with ACS for consultation on the project. The solution needed to be competitively priced but, of course, fit for purpose. After completing an audit of the school's existing environment, we were able to put our recommendations forward. 

The ACS Solution 

we supplied all of the required server, network switching, and cabling hardware to the school and proceeded with the installation during the summer holidays to minimise disruption. We also supplied the school with the appropriate Microsoft Licensing and allocated a lead engineer to the project to make sure communication was clear between our installation team and the school's on-site IT team. Our in-house team also completed all data cabling works that were required throughout the project. 

Once the project was complete the school were left with an updated network and core infrastructure that needed less maintenance, had reduced downtime, and that supported the school's IT strategy moving forward. With a new, faster, and more robust environment in place, the school was able to purchase and deploy new desktops and laptops further down the line. 



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