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The client

Shine is a PR and communications agency based in Clerkenwell, London. The Shine team is full of inspiring people with 25 years combined experience in the PR industry. The company has a unique approach to creativity, client understanding, and staff investment and has a collection of award winning campaigns to its name. 

The ACS solution

Shine has been a customer of ACS' for 5 years. The relationship began with ACS supplying IT hardware for the agency and within 12 months we became their managed service partner. 

Today ACS is Shine's full-time IT support provider and continues to supply multiple IT products and services to the agency on a day to day basis. 12 months ago Shine purchased a 1 year Open Value Subscription for it's Microsoft licensing with ACS. When it came to renewing the agreement our licensing specialist, Lucy Keen discussed Office 365 with Lisa Rogers, the agency's Operations Director, as an alternative option to renewing the same OVS. 

Office 365 stores everything in the cloud and will enable the team at Shine to access their work from anywhere. By renewing their licensing using Office 365, Shine has been able to save money and now have a more flexible solution. 

The Office 365 package supplied for the agency covers all server licensing and desktop connections for the business and will help improve collaboration and efficiency when team members are off site. 

The project is due to be installed in coming weeks by an ACS engineer who will spend time on site ensuring the transition runs as smoothly as possible. 

"I have been working with ACS for 5 years now and continue to be very happy with the services that they provide. As an IT support provider, their performance ensures me that Shine's IT infrastructure is secure and resilient. I am very happy with the recent advice provided to me regarding Office 365 licensing and am looking forward to seeing the results after integration. I would highly recommend ACS' services." Lisa Rodgers, Operations Director. 



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