Struggling to bring together introverts and extroverts within your workplace?

Struggling to bring together introverts and extroverts within your workplace

It’s no secret to employees that the workplace eats a massive chunk out of our weekdays. Regardless of who we work for or with, collaboration with our colleges is necessary to get us through the day. The way your team communicates greatly affects the performance of the organisation.

Collaboration is not just a standard morning conversation of ‘how was your evening?’. It involves two or more individuals working towards and achieving a common goal. As we go through life we understand that everybody has their own working style. For me personally, when I am blogging, I work best in a pod with headphones on. However, when it’s time for daily tasks I step out of my introvert zone and engage with my colleges. Yes, I am the awkward one in the office.

“71% of Respondents Rank Employee Engagement as Very Important to Achieving Overall Organisational Success.” (Microsoft, 2017)

Or maybe just an introvert with some extrovert traits? It is believed that 50-74% of the population are extroverts and the other 16-50% are introverts. (Microsoft, 2017) So, getting the mixture of collaboration right should be at the forefront of your workplace.

The trick is to provide the correct balance of stimulating (noisy or colourful) interaction spaces versus calm (quiet and subdued) ones. This is to support different personalities and tasks. (Miller, 2017)

Socialising is important for nurturing collaboration within the workplace. This is how teams characterise trust between one another. I recently watched a TED talk on a famous Artist “Dustin Yellin” who vocalised a powerful message at the end of his talk…

“If Everyone Was to Shake Their Box That They Are Living in, You Will Then Realise We Are All in This Together and the Delusion of Difference Doesn’t Always Work.” (Yellin, 2017)

Although we like to differentiate ourselves, the importance of intermingling needs to be easily accessible anywhere, anytime. With cloud-based tools and the promoted use of working together via laptops, mobile devices and tablets etc. Your employees will be able to work in environments where they’re the most comfortable. Not only is this beneficial to all personalities in the workplace. It also gives a sense of freedom and lets people use their own intuitive to work.

Work from anywhere at anytime using the Cloud

Openness In The Workplace Is Important For Creative And Imaginative Tasks

Allowing people to step outside once in a while can please employees no end. Approve introverts to work from home or in their favourite coffee shop. This that helps improve inspiration and productivity. To the generation X, this might be breaking all the traditional rules. However, the environment needs to motivate collaboration and what better way to start by breaking some rules.

If a group of extroverted colleagues want to collaborate, technology now enables this. They can now sync in a conference room or where they’ll be stimulated by the energy around them. A video conference into a large group meeting can also put an introvert at ease. As that may seem overwhelming in person. See the balance coming along?

Balance Is The Ultimate Key To Life

Collaboration involves a balance of capturing and displaying ideas that businesses need to validate the importance of providing tools to do so. Failure of this can make up to 25% of employees less productive. So, to keep your employees from falling asleep at their desks, here are some things that we can provide for your organisation;

1. Adopt video conferencing tools for collaboration with employees who need to work from home.
2. Test out a social collaboration platform to increase productivity
3. Rely on an integrated suite of tools (instead of multiple single-vendor products). This lets employees choose the ones that work best for them.
4. Allow flexible work locations for increased productivity when your employees need it most.

Team work in the workplace

A more effective collaboration usually stems from a mixture of personalities. This supports the saying ‘if everyone was the same life would be boring!’. It is therefore a businesses requirement to recognise that supplying the right technology for capturing and sharing information will create more productivity within the workplace.

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