7 Workforce Personas

7 Workforce Personas

Every type of worker wants to work the same way. Their way.

Most desktop users spend over 4 hours per day on their desktop. Choose wisely.

61% of business’s see productivity go up when users are given micro PCs. Users can get big power and capabilities in a PC so small they’ll hardly notice it. With adjustable mounting positions it can be tucked away so it uses literally 0% of their desk. That leaves plenty of room for a big monitor (or two), also a more comfortable set-up, and lots of great thinking.

71% of the workforce says grab and go technology increases collaboration.

Two meetings, three presentations and a workshop in six conference rooms? Not a problem. Corridor warriors can move smoothly from desk to meeting room. They’re always connected to the network so they can access files, share and collaborate. Plus a single adapter lets them connect to the room’s presentation display or projector in seconds. From the moment they walk in they’re ready to put on a show.

39% of mobile workers juggle multiple devices. You have multiple ways to help.

For On-the-Go Pros, connectivity and convenience are crucial both on the road and in the air. Therefore, lightweight PCs with mobile broadband connection turn the world into one highly productive workplace. Super reliable wireless keeps on-the-go workers connected to the office, the network, their team, no matter where they are. And that could be anywhere.

52% of the workforce works remotely. Make sure they’re productive.

Remote workers are becoming some of the most productive members of today’s workforce. Give them a powerful All-In-One desktop with VPN and unleash all their potential. Connecting with colleagues, accessing and sharing files, web meetings; everything will be smooth and easy.

77% of millennial workers are ready to embrace AR/VR. Are you?

Creatives are often idealists: equal parts passion and intensity. Their workstations need to handle a non-stop barage of CPU-intensive tasks, day after day. Graphics manipulation. Editing. Effects. Multi-terabyte retouching. Their monitors have to be big, brilliant, production-caliber displays that live up to the art they create.

66% of the best workers say technology influences job choice. Help recruit them.

There are more geniuses in engineering than any other profession. High-complexity projects are the norm. Engineers need a workstation that can perform at their level. Their software preferences tend towards next-gen CAE and CAT applications, plus experimental apps that are still in beta. Their work involves highly compute-intensive tasks. This includes rendering, simulation, and analyses. Processing and memory speed must be the fastest in the market. Period.

Over 15% of workers have highly specialised needs. Are you meeting them?

Fieldworker’s PCs can take a beating. From getting stepped on in the mud, to being left in a black pickup in the sun in August, their equipment can handle nearly any abuse. It’s unique combination of ultra polymers, compression gasketting and thermal management enable truly remarkable performance. So do innovations like touch screens you can swipe with a frozen mitten and read clearly in bright sunlight.

Potential Made Real

When people are enabled by technology that works, they can be more immersed in their work. As a result they face fewer distractions and interruptions, and increase their productivity. When employees are more productive, so too are companies.

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Maximise Your Productivity

Our products are designed with style, innovation, functionality, and unique features to maximize worker productivity.