3 reasons why Businesses should use Microsoft 365

3 reasons why Businesses should use Microsoft 365

Even though Microsoft Office is used by over half of businesses across the world, that doesn’t stop the continual evolution of their products. As employees start to prefer flexible working hours as well as working from home, this prompted Microsoft to develop new features that improve the Productivity, Flexibility and Security of its products.

“No matter what the role is, we all have to-do lists that have no bottom. We’re able to leverage what we’ve learned in the cloud on a global scale to help users get their work done faster through AI-driven automation and personalisation.”


Machine Learning features have been baked into Office 365 to help predict what users need to create their best work. PowerPoint Designer will suggest content-based slides, Word can check for NSFW language and Excel can recognize patterns in data entry to autofill. All to save you time.


SharePoint allows teams to collaborate, no matter their respective distance, by storing files in the cloud and allowing multiple users to all edit the information and synchronise those changes across the team. This allows staff to produce their best work, as efficiently as possible.


Microsoft has recognised the importance of security and integrated Microsoft ENS into Microsoft 365; a bank of granular security tools that can enable users to limit what documents can be copied or edited, manage a fleet of mobile device and even add multi-factor authorisation. These provide IT leaders the ability to control and mitigate security risks easily.

By combining Office 365 and Microsoft ENS within Windows 10, Microsoft has managed to provide a one-stop-shop for almost any business use-case. No matter the industry, Office 365 offers great security, compatibility and flexibility within the familiar operating system of Windows 10.

“In today’s world, users want to work anywhere using any device,” Anderson says. “Having a consistent set of productivity tools working across any device unleashes users to be more creative.”

The Microsoft 365 package is a combination of their best business solutions:
Available in three bundles; Business, E3 and E5.

Our bundles give your business access to a range of powerful productivity and security solutions and at a more cost-effective price than if you were to purchase these products separately.

Office 365 is a suite of productivity applications which includes Outlook, Office suite, SharePoint, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business to name but a few. These applications are what gives organisations the tools needed to work efficiently and effectively.

EMS gives your business a range of robust and effective security tools to ensure a high-quality cybersecurity setup. From multi-factor authentication to mobile device management, when implemented correctly these services help to protect your organisation.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft and comes with advanced security and management features.

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